6 km, nice and big area, wild horses and a lot of rain was what my day stood for yesterday

Yesterday I went out to find the "wild" Icelandic horses in Gribskov. It's a nice big area they have and it clearly warms my pet heart.

I went and walked and I managed to see 9 pieces. I sat on a hill opposite them and enjoyed them while grazing 🐴😍

Just suddenly in the distance, a young horse was walking very targeted at me. Although I am used to horses, my heart rate increased just 😅🤣

As you can see in the video, it would greet and also want a bite from my camera 😂

I managed to get some pictures, but would have liked to have stayed longer ...

BUT the sky opened up 🌧💦 And I wasn't dressed for it at all, so I had to run back to Bumle små

However, I had a really nice experience and I will come back one day where I can sit a little longer and have some wonderful experiences and pictures 🐴

The horses are no more wild than they are in a fence (a big one), so if you want to go for a walk in this beautiful area and see them, click the button 😁

The pictures were taken with the Canon 5D3 + Canon 100-400mm, as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max 😊

I really enjoy experiencing Denmark and have found a nice calm that I know I will stay for some time. But it doesn't matter, I am only 40 years old and have plenty of years to experience the world endnu

Bubbling greetings