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Many people have asked about Bumle and his injury. I have shared a bit here and there, so here comes the full story, as well as a little knowledge about SOS

It all actually started with me being in Slovenia with a Swedish girl, Eveline. We went into the town of Bled and parked her car outside the town to pay for only one parking space. After a nice visit by the beautiful lake in Bled and a hike up the mountain to see the church on the island, we drove back towards her car outside the city 🙂

Lake Bled - Slovenia
- You can read my entire post about my positive surprise of Slovenia HERE

As we approached her car, a car came driving towards me. It pulled more into my roadway and it all went so fast. So I braked, pulled a little to the right away from the roadway and I hit a branch up on the alcove !!! When Eveline got out of the car, looked up, I could see in her that it was not good. I quickly parked Bumle properly so I could get out and see what happened - it was not good 🙂

The branch had hit right on the edge, so both the side and the roof were damaged. I got my insurance call Codan, SOS og SK Caravan. And after some talk, I / we came to the conclusion that SOS could make a temporary fix in Slovenia, so he could manage until I came home to Denmark in December, where the insurance case could start.


Eveline and I got him wrapped in gaffa tape for the day after SOS could help me.



SOS - Red cards

After my trip to Iceland with Thorleif (my old Land Rover), I could hear MANY did not know what they could get help with, so I will just give you some info.

If you have taken out a hull insurance with one of the Danish insurance companies, which is a member of the Red Card scheme, you are entitled to road assistance abroad.

Red Card is valid in the 28 EU countries and just under 30 outside the EU.
See the geographical coverage here

Red Card includes:

  • Road assistance at the scene of injury
  • Towing
  • Hotel and necessary local transport
  • Rental car
  • Return trip
  • Home transport of vehicle
  • Supply and Shipment of Spare Parts

If in doubt, call and ask your insurance if you are a part of it. I must say, that when in Iceland with Thorleif, who had thrown the gimbal inside the highlands of Iceland, SOS my rescue! I was picked up and driven to Reykjavik, got a hotel room and after a few days I got a similar car of mine so I could move on until my car was ready again.

And now here in Slovenia, I needed them again. The service is top notch. So nice people you talk to and they are there 24 hours a day to support at all points.


Denmark in December

When I landed at home in Denmark, I again made contact with both Codan og SK Caravan. Then I stopped by the workshop, where they examined the car, took pictures and sent it to the insurance company. A few days later, they returned that it was approved. This allowed Bumle's operation to begin.

I was over at the workshop at SK Caravan several times to greet them at the workshop and watch the progress with Bumle.

Bumle got his name again! 

Before I drove this summer, Bumle's old owner Hanne wrote and mentioned that they had a sticker lying around in case I needed it. AND YES - mega lucky, then Bumle could get his name back.

 And Helge baptized him with soapy water before applying the BUMLE mark. So now he's so fine again : )

 When I picked him up yesterday, I was allowed to be inside the workshop, in the heat and clean him 🙂 Total luxury! And we rounded off the day with Nr. Aaby's cakes 🙂 




We finished with cake 🙂

 So ready to move on to adventure!

HUGE Thank you SK Caravan for good craftsmanship, super service, helpfulness and sparring !! Now we are ready for more discoveries around Europe. 

Bubbling greetings

 Now I travel to Spain before long, so you can have a look ? ☀️?