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As many of you know, I'm going to drive Hugo for 2 years, and then I think it's a shame Bumle has to stand still. That is why I have chosen to put him up for sale.

Fiat Ducato 2,8 tdi, Eura Mobil, year 1999.

Small short model with alcove. 4 beds, 4 seats, kitchen, bathroom with toilet, and a lot of closet space. There is also storage space under the floor. There is a fridge with freezer. Truma heater with 12 liters. Solar cells (Kronnings 100w), 2 consumer batteries under the floor in the 'living room'. 2 cameras with split screen. One is installed as a reversing camera and the other above the 'front door'. Both cameras have infrared. LPG bottled gas is installed. January 2020 he got a brand new roof, alcove and most of the right side changed for 110.000. New roof window. Luggage box and new radio included.

I have continuously maintained him for the last 1,5 years, and have done everything that needed to be done. This can be shown. He is in good condition and should have a check-up in April 2021. It is a really nice car and I have been really happy with him. I hope he finds a good owner who can take him out on adventures. : )

Net weight: 2.325 kg
Total weight: 3400 kg
Height: 320 cm
Length: 560 cm
Driven: 310.950 km
Weight tax: 12.600 DKK
Seat belts: 4
Seating: 4

Price: 180.000 kr.

Update: TJ Camper I Hedensted will help me sell Bumle. They display it on my behalf so it is sold without their 1/2 year warranty. See their opening hours on their website: