Wanna hear my speech?

You have the opportunity to book a speech about my minimalist life as a rolling graphic designer and photographer in my mobilehome

You say "To travel is to live" - ​​but can you live without traveling? My answer is short no! That is why I live, as I do do!
I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer, I talk about how my minimalist life started, what inspired me to take the jump, resign house and car, sell everything and just have the stuff that was needed and matter me.
“Iceland was definitely helping to shape me to where I am today. I could see what was possible with 'work and travel' - so when the opportunity was there, I grabbed it ”
How to plan such a new life? Can you really get a life of 11 square meters? What is my drive to live like this? How can a working day be? What countries have I traveled? Do I still have dreams? Do you never get lonely or scared?

Many of these questions I often get asked and now you have the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge about me, my work and my experiences.

“I love to tell and inspire. And as I often say, people don't have to live my life, but make the best of theirs and follow some of their dreams. "
I want to take you on a picture-rich speech, because my great passion is photography.
“My big hobby has been photo for the last 4 years. I travel for the purpose of getting some pictures home, but clearly also getting nature under the skin and fresh air in the lungs ”
Book a speech and come along when I openly and honestly talk about my life on the road ?

Write to me

Contact me well in advance as I roll around Europe with Bumle. We can get a talk about the length of lectures, content and price. And we find a date when I'm in Denmark and it fits in with you.

E-Mail: anja@robanke.dk

Open lectures where you are welcome

KANT Festival (Photo Festival) - Thy

2nd-4th October - Link to lecture

FOF - Vejle

October 29 at 19.00 - Link to lecture

Motorhome Show

I have to give 1/2 hour mini lectures both on Saturday the 31/10 and Sunday the 1/11

Link to the fair

(Unfortunately, I can not get you to the private events 😉)

Words from participants of my Speech

“One dark and cold evening at the end of October, I sat on a bench in a slightly gloomy and raw barn. As we sat there full of anticipation, one of the most beautiful images I ever saw, faded on the big screen and entered Anja. She started to tell and it was like we were taken on an adventure. Iceland did not only appear in the form of pictures, one more beautiful than the other, but in words, words that shaped a journey for us. Like the Icelandic sagas that were conveyed from friend to friend. Anja told with an enthusiasm and joy that was so infectious that we felt that we were on the cliff side with her to catch a glimpse of the small quirky groves. For a little while Anja took us on adventures and we forgot all about the cold outside and the little hard benches. There were funny anecdotes that made us laugh, and intriguing stories that also made us stick to the edge of the bench, like little school kids. We were right there in Iceland with her and we were allowed to experience it all with her. After a few hours the journey was over and we landed again on the benches in the cold and dark barn, but the atmosphere was warm, we had all been on a walk together. We felt inspired and intrigued, and we suddenly had a lot more courage on the tooth to throw ourselves into new adventures, just as Anja had done.

I can only recommend a speech with Anja, and would like to take another one already if possible. "

Camilla Brodam

“I was so lucky to see Anja's speech at a FotoMalia event. It was so cool to “join the journey”, right from planning the trip, thinking about places to visit and seeing the most beautiful landscape pictures I have seen in a long time.

Anja's lecture is a must for anyone who loves to travel, anyone who appreciates a man who lives with an open mind, those who love photography, and for those who would like to hear a true adventure.
Huge recommendation from me. "

Mads Bo