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Why do I travel alone? What are my travel dreams for the future? Read the answers below my timeline.

April 2019

Started as a self-employed graphic designer and photographer

With butterflies in my stomach, I jumped out as a freelancer, which I have not been before. And it feels much differently than getting your fixed salary every month.

April 2019

Looking for a motorhome

After quitting the idea of ​​a rebuilt overlander car, I went all-in on finding a motorhome that suited my needs.

4. May 2019

Bumle was bought

I found Bumle in Solrød in Zealand. Bought him and took him home the same day. He was kept secret for a month before I announced to everyone what my plans were.

4. may - 25. august 2019

Planned the trip

Then it had to be made ready. Bumble had to go to the workshop, get solar cells and install solid-gas, etc. Pictures had to be taken and a website had to be made. I had to learn a lot of things about starting as a self-employed with accounting, VAT and tax.

27. July 2019

Sold everything I would not have in Bumle

I chose to sell everything over a weekend at an open house/flea market. Many nice people came and bought my things. And I miss none of it.

25. august 2019

Bumble and I left

Finally, the day was here! I drove across the border, and my ‘work and travel’ adventure had begun.

August - December 2019

Our first trip

I started by driving down through Germany, where I took a few days to Slovakia and visited a Dane who had previously been a nomad. Then I drove to Austria. I took some trips to southern Germany, after which I took a week in Slovenia. Then back to Austria, where I have undoubtedly spent the most time. I again took some short trips to southern Germany.

Then I drove towards Luxembourg when I had a meeting. Then I drove along the border to Germany and to France. I spent some time in Switzerland, where I met a Danish woman who has lived there for many years. Then I went for a week to Vallorcine / Chamonix, where I borrowed an apartment. Then I drove back a few days in Switzerland, then drove through Germany and home on Christmas vacation in Denmark.

January - Marts 2020

Spain in the winter – but then Covid-19 got in the way!

I visited a German photographer north of Frankfurt, after which the trip went to Switzerland, where I met the Danish woman again. Had a few days in Switzerland, and then drove to France with a short drive to in Annecy, and then I drove to Spain.

I managed to enjoy Spain for a few weeks before Covid-19 arrived. My mother came to visit, but unfortunately, she had to fly home before time, and a few weeks later I, unfortunately, had to drive back to Denmark.

Marts - 2020


I rolled around Denmark for a season. I really enjoyed it because I saw more of Denmark in a relatively short time than I have seen before in my life. Because I have always travelled a lot.

September 2020

In Düsseldorf to look at new motorhomes

A four day trip to Düsseldorf. It was great to get out again. Afterwards, I could feel that it made me long for the days on the road.

10 days in Sverige - October 2020

I was longing

So I took 10 days in Skåne, Sweden, before Skåne also closed down. It was amazing. Among other things, I was in Söderåsen National Park, Kullaberg and Fyledalen, where I had a really fantastic weekend.

Island 3,5 months - May 2021

I’m going back to my beloved Iceland

It is a dream to come back to Iceland. Even though I have been there many times, there are still things I would like to experience and see. Among other things, I want to hike on a glacier and down into an ice cave. And out and drone with the whales. So it’s going to be some cool months.

My travel dreams

There are SO many places I would like to go. But my biggest dream is to come back to Iceland next Summer where I will make a stop in the Faroe Islands. But also the Nordic countries are on my wish list; Norway, Sweden and Finland. I dream of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Northern Spain, Scotland, Ireland… I could go on. I still have many years on the road!

Why do I travel alone?

There are actually several reasons for this. I have no boyfriend, I enjoy having the freedom to do what I want. I can stop the car and work when it fits. I can stop and go for a walk and take photos whenever I want.

Next goal?

Now the goal is here, I travel to Iceland for 3,5 months. I have been looking forward to that for a whole year. The plan is for me to roll to northern Spain this winter, and probably to Norway next summer. But we have to see what happens. It’s dreams 🚐