Some talk about Bumle


years old, but keeps well


km, Bumle has driven


Km / l he runs on average


kg weighs Bumle without my stuff

Who's Bumle?

  • Bumle is a Fiat Ducato Eura Mobil of less than 6 meters
  • He's from 1999
  • With an 2.8 tdi engine
  • Own weight of 2.325 kg / Total weight of 3.400 kg
  • 4 beds, kitchen, bathroom with toilet, 4 seating and a lot of cupboard space
  • Fridge with freezer.
  • Drum boiler with 12 liters that gives me warm and hot water
  • Solar cells (Coronation 100w) on the roof
  • 2 consumer batteries under the floor in the 'living room'
  • 2 split screen cameras. One is installed as a rear camera and the other over the 'front door'. Both cameras have infrared.
  • Has installed LPG solid bottle gas - read more here

Why Bumle?

I had made a lot of considerations before it became Bumle. Because it must be my home indefinitely. I loved Thorleif (my Old Land Rover) So should it be a Land Rover? How much space would I have? Should it be new or used, if so, how old? What brand and model? What about the engine?

All in all I looked around a lot and with some guidance I came to Bumle. And I am SO happy about that choice as I now have a small house with me. I do not have to move things around for it to work with sitting / sleeping places.