About me and my lifestyle

I am a funky woman of 40 years. I am a trained graphic designer and the photography has come to the last years. I jumped out as a self-employed summer 2019 after working both at an advertising agency and as an in-house graphic artist for many years.

I began to take a more serious interest in photography in 2016, and since then it has taken off.

I'm NEVER bored, because I always think there's something to do. And I have a lot of great hobbies that keep me busy.

I am very smiling, adventurous, extroverted and introverted in a good mix, caring, responsible and have a positive outlook on life.

I really just want to live life while I have it. And for me, it is experiencing a lot that makes me happy and develops me.

It is highly recommended to jump out of a plane 😉

How did it start?

It is actually hard to say how it all started, because it is small fragments of several things that have gathered everything into where I am today.

But there is no doubt that my trips to Iceland, where I could bring my work, have laid a good foundation for being able to what is possible.

In addition, I saw the documentary “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”, which inspired me very much.

I worked in the back of my old Land Rover Discovery, Thorleif, from time to time on my 3 months Island trip.

A friend asked me as he looked at my two shelves in the living room filled with books and games:

"When was the last time you used things from these two shelves?"

That really made me think and opened my eyes! Because I couldn't remember when was the last time I used anything from the shelves.

A few days later I was in the kitchen, opening the drawer to take a spoon. "I always use these three tools - the other 30 are just there".

Suddenly, I saw my home in a completely different way. There were a lot of things that I didn't use at all, but just owned.

This is from my last move. It's crazy ... Only boxes !! In addition, there was furniture. I am single and lived alone for 10 years! I had EVERYTHING for many things, despite having sorted hard by the last move 😉

“She was wild and free with a dab of logic in between, chasing her dreams and following her heart beat.”

- Nikki Rowe

Why this lifestyle?

The above was the start of becoming a minimalist. Days went by, and it has evolved into buying Bumle, and now selling everything else while I follow my dream of working while travelling.

But yes, why? I believe that simple and simplified life can give way to so many other things. That I can combine my work and it is traveling around and experiencing nature with my camera is the dream for me.

I live to experience. Here, I am in Iceland with my old Land Rover last summer, where I travelled for 3 months.

Did I really sell everything?

No, because I've saved the things that matter to me and I need to use in Bumle.

In addition, I have pictures and a few items of great value to me that I have packed in a few boxes that will be stored.

But I have an agreement with myself that I re-evaluate the boxes in five years.