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Many people ask "What is Patreon"?
Patreon is an international member site where you can support artists from all over the world (writers, musicians, photographers, etc.). You pay a monthly amount and become a member of my Patreon Vanlife Lounge - there you get access to extra material that ONLY YOU see as a member.

What do you get?

I have been thinking for some time that it could be cool to make a closed area where I can share more content with the people who would like something extra. An area where I can share videos where I talk and tell… yes you heard right. You will se me with sound on my videos ;-)

The keywords are casual, cozy and fun. I often hear people say “I've never heard your voice before”. Now you have the chance. 

I will go LIVE approx. once a month where there will be a theme from time to time. When we I have talked about the theme and the answer to questions about the theme, then there will be free talk where you can ask me and everything - that is, almost everything, because then have a little family/privacy.

In addition, there will be other pluses in between 🙂 

"Together I want to grow and develop with my Patreons"


I will speak and write in English on this platform, just like I do on my Instagram, as I have quite a few followers from abroad.

I continue with my social media, as always, where I make pictures and videos on my story with text on - as always. I write blog posts and show pictures from my experiences - as always.

I would like to tell you that I pay Patreon 8% to be on the platform. And then I pay Danish tax afterwards.