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Book my time

If you have questions and would like to use my experience, you now have the opportunity to book my time.

I get many questions from wonderful people who want knowledge about many different things.

I make a living from clients who buy my services as a graphic designer, photographer, and I do speak. In addition, I share a lot on social media and website/blog, so, unfortunately, I do not have time to answer emails and phone calls to tell about how I live or camera tips and tricks. Even though I think it's great that you want my knowledge and experience.

So, therefore, you now have the opportunity to book my time! I have given some examples of questions on my page, 'BOOK MIN TID' Write an email to me at Then we will find out if it is something I can help you with. Of course, there are only a few things I am private about, but otherwise, I am open and honest. And I am happy to help.

We can meet at one location. But then you must book me for a minimum of 3 hours. And depending on the agreement and distance, I can add the driving costs. Is it over phone, zoom, skype or similar? Then you can book an hour 🙂

Price per. time: 600, -