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Iceland – A3 Calender 2022

NOTE! This calendar is in danish! 

Iceland has a big place in my heart. After spending the whole summer here in Iceland, I decided to make my first calendar myself.

I have chosen to sell the calendar in a presale to make it more environmentally friendly and practical. Then I only produce what is needed, and I do not have Hugo filled calendars 🙂

This way, an amount will be reserved in your account until the calendar is sent to you in December. So your debit card should work the rest of the year 🙂

The last chance to buy this calendar is Wednesday, December 1st; afterwards, the calendar will be printed. I will send it out as soon as it is printed.

The calendar is A3 with a spiral so that you can hang it up. It is in Danish and is printed in Denmark.

The package is delivered with GLS.