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Q & A

I get a lot of nice emails and messages with good questions. I have put them together so that everyone can enjoy the answers. I will be continuously adding and updating the site as new questions come up 😁

Last updated on 12/5 2020

I've broken it down into some topics:


How did you come up with the idea?

I don't remember the 100% when the idea stuck out that I wanted to travel and work at some point. I just didn't expect it to be now, but maybe some years out in the future.

But sometimes things happen in life where a choice has to be made and it fit into my life now, so that's why my thoughts were accelerated 😁

How long have you spent planning your trip, your "new" life?

In fact, not for long - 4 months around the rain.
I started on my own in early April, so a few weeks later, I decided to do this and it should be indefinitely.

Several people said "why not wait to travel" so I could build a business first, but I want this together - WORK and TRAVEL! So yeah that's a rate, but I'd rather try than sit back and do nothing 😊

Why alone?

I love traveling alone. But also love to visit and enjoy the company of people. In fact, I'm very double in terms of people. Because I am very social during periods. But then I have periods where I just love being me - with me 😊

Do you never feel lonely?

People often ask me that. I must be lucky, because I've never felt lonely in anyone inde I can feel sorry for seeing, hearing and reading about people who are lonely. So I feel them, because it really seems like a feeling I never want to feel.

I can definitely miss - people, things and experiences. But there is, in my opinion, a huge difference between being lonely and missing something.

What is the goal of this lifestyle?

I think about it regularly as some ask me. There are a lot of goals with that, so I can't just say BUM, that's the goal.

I wanted to make my life simpler compared to what I owned and never used. That goal has been achieved since I have sold everything I own!

My former home - everything is sold!

In addition, I want to see something more of the world a little more intensely - like when I've traveled to Iceland 🀩 But I didn't want to have to stress about seeing as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

I don't want a deadline. If I want to drive on, then I drive. But if I want to stay somewhere, I stay.

All in all, having a joy in life is paramount. And that's my job as a graphic artist, photographing and traveling. So this way I can do all these things at once!

Did you really sell everything?

Almost. Because I have the things that I have with Bumle. In addition, I have 5 boxes stored with memories and things that matter to me.

A BIG question? How dare you go on such a trip without knowing what tomorrow might bring? β˜€οΈ

In fact, I can answer very briefly: How dare I not? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ And I'm not farther away than I can get home.

How long will you live like this?

For just as long, I think it's cool and fun, and of course there should be enough work so it can run around.

Where do you have your address?

I have an address in Denmark as I have my company with Danish CVR no. I am Danish and pay my Danish tax, so nothing has changed 😁

I regularly get the question and have subsequently found out that you must have an address in DK if you want to be a Danish. I have not had to dive into it as I have a permanent place for my address.

Have you thought about getting a Patron account or a place where people can give something back for everything you give us. You share so many amazing photos and 'Stories' on Instagram. I want to say thank you my way with a contribution, but I do not need a graphic artist?

It's SO nice to know there are people who would like to support me for everything I share from my travels and life.

But I must have investigated with SKAT, so I have the rules in place before I start a setup with it 😊 And then I do not know if there are others who would be interested in it πŸ˜€

What is your biggest dream?

It must be Canada! 🀩 I have many dreams, but my thoughts often wander there because of the beautiful nature. But Norway, the Faroe Islands, Scotland New Zealand, Australia and South America are also on the list.

What do your friends and family say about my new life?

They think I'm super cool then πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚ Maybe there were a few pieces that got used to the idea, but on the whole, everyone accepted it well. In fact, there are some who have said "yes who else could think of it"! πŸ˜‚ I choose to interpret it positively πŸ˜†

What language do you speak?

Danish, English and is warming up my German again. In fact, there are some Germans in the small towns who can't (or might not want to) speak English, so it gives me a little chance to freshen up my school-German again when I'm on those edges.

What are your plans for children in the future?

I made the decision many years ago that I should not have my own children. That wasn't the point for me, so I enjoy friends and family friends instead. And that's a decision I'm very happy for 😊

Are you single?

Yes I am, BUT I am not looking for a man. I feel good in my life the way I do. So no need to use gunpowder to invite me out! πŸ˜‰


Where do you want to go? And are there any restrictions?

All over Europe, you want the more specific you have to follow on the social media, where I sometimes share it, because nothing is 100% planned far in the future, but will try to remember to update here regularly.

Updated March 12, 5

From summer 2019 to Christmas I was in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, France and a short time into Italy.

Bumle and I drove home to have Christmas / New Year, as well as get fixed and then after an accident in Slovenia = insurance case.

We went to Spain on the south coast 😊🚐 The dream was northern Spain, but it was interrupted by a virus, so instead we drove to Denmark. And here we are now. And I have found a good calm in traveling around Denmark. It's nice β˜€οΈ

How long are you going to travel?

As long as it's possible and I think it's the coolest thing in the world, I'm happy, healthy and healthy! AND I have customers So it can be 2 years, 5 years, 10 years… yes who knows 🀩

How do you finance your trip?

I work as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. And as something new, I also give lectures when I'm at home in Denmark.

I also sell my pictures if companies or individuals want to print hanging in their office, meeting room, hallway or in the living room.

Click on the buttons and a new tab / tab opens 😊

The possibilities are many, as I have taken thousands of pictures over the years?

What do you do for your own safety? After all, driving and spending the night in Europe is not harmless?!

I hear several people worry about me, but I take one day at a time and use my common sense. Fortunately, few people end up with an ugly experience. And I will not stay home for the rest of my life and never leave my home because something can go wrong.

I live in the present, so I can't run around and be afraid all the time for things to happen, which hopefully won't happen. If something happens, I have to take it from there 😊

Campsites - how and where do you stay?

Det har jeg faktisk skrevet et blogindlΓ¦g om – LΓ¦s det her

When are you going to Iceland again?

I don't actually know, BUT it sure is I'll be back 100%!

Sometimes it's too hot to sit inside, so it's out on the carpet in the shade - even in a parking lot. I can really work everywhere. I close the surroundings and then I'm focused on my task.


I want to do like you. How do you get customers?

Network, Network, Network, Network and a little more network. Be outreach, investigative and inquiring.

How many regular customers do you have?

It's a little hard to say, because some clients put in some tasks for me occasionally. But then I have some customers who come and place one big order at a time. Maybe they will come again. But I'm almost just getting started, so it's hard to make a lot of statistics on it yet. It would be nice with some more regular customers, I admit then 😊

Are there most customers from Denmark, or do you have customers elsewhere?

Yes it is mainly from Denmark, I have my customers, but have also had customers in other countries. I am open to cooperation with customers in other countries.

Have you noticed any resistance from your customers?

No by any means. In fact, I hear several people say "Only it was me" 😊

What Internet Do You Use? And what about big files?

I have 3 mobile, business, where I have 20GB on the phone. 20GB on a mobile broadband. In addition, I connect to Wi-Fi around when I need to download / send larger files.

I plan to buy small smaller data packages at the different telephone companies in the different countries if the 20GB is not enough.

And if I get a bigger job over a longer period of time, I rent myself in small work studios that rent on a daily basis or find an internet cafΓ©.

A note to Spain where I ran out, I got 100GB per month for 49 € at I wrote / talked to a Dane and got to buy 2 months at a time so that I did not have to stand for termination etc. Definitely a good way for me. And ready something I will come back to when I come to Spain β˜€οΈ

Here in Denmark, I have bought Call Me 250GB mobile broadband, so I don't have to think about it much 😊

What about mobile subscription?

There I also have 3 Business. Doing so I got a really good deal on price and have 20GB on the phone for all my social media. However, I am bound for 3 years. But then at least they can't change my price 😊

With all the EU date promise it means that I have to be in DK 14 days out of 4 months. And it is just like any company you have in any EU country.

I hope I get redone in the long run. In fact, I am crossing my fingers that there will just be free data between all the countries 😊

What camera and gear do you have?

I've actually always had Canon, but now I've also acquired a pair of Sigma lenses. Here is a small list of houses and lenses:

  • Canon 5D3
  • Canon 6D
  • Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 art
  • Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 art
  • Canon 100-400mm (really favorite)
  • Canon 100mm Marco 2.8
  • Canon 50mm 1.8

What program do you edit your pictures in?

Most I do in Adobe Lightroom, but few things have to go through Adobe Photoshop.

What programs do you generally use?

I'm using the Adobe package. I use Indesign for all my graphic settings - from business cards, brochures to large catalogs. Where Illustrator I use for graphics, vector graphics. When I edit video I do it with Premiere Pro.

In addition, I use Word and Excel to handle files with text and numbers from clients.

If I need to make presentations, Keynote is my favorite. I also use this to make my lectures.

My favorite browser is Google Chrome.

I really like notes, as it becomes sync from mac to iPhone and I can work anywhere I page with my phone. It could be I started a blog post on there and then worked on the macbook later 😁


And remember - Bumle has its own page of info HERE

Where did you buy Bumle?

SolrΓΈd Strand, Denmark.

Why is Bumle a "man" / "him"?

That's how it's always been with my cars. Just except for "Red Ragnhild" - she was so small and red that I couldn't think of anything male 🀣

But I think it's because then I have the man in my life with meπŸ˜† And I see us as a couple. Did I also do with Thorleif πŸ˜‰ He was otherwise nice too. But too small to live in 😁

What do you give in weight tax?

12.600, - per year

Where do you have your motorhome insurance?

I have that at Codan. And it is more expensive than usual since I live in Bumle and could not stick to a standard insurance policy.

Did you go for a car under 6 meters?

Yes, then it doesn't cost that much on bridges and tolls.

Solid Bottle Gas

So it's smart. I have had this solution installed at DanCamper in Horsens. So I 'thought' like it was diesel. See the blog post here (Opens a new tab / tab)

Update - September 2019

So far I haven't used as much gas as I expected on the fridge. The fridge runs 100% on gas now, so I don't have to remember to turn on and off - whether I'm driving or keeping still.

Update - January 2020

It has exceeded all expectations. It's positive and extremely easy. I've only arrived in one place where they no longer had gas. However, a couple of times I did a little driving after that, as I had forgotten to check the gas, and thus the run was dry. But that was my own fault. I just copy the coordinates into Google Maps as I can then put a sticker to run for. But you can also just tap directly into the app for driving directions. At the start of the trip I did not heat and therefore only used gas for refrigerator and stove, so there I filled approx. every 10 days. Before I drove home for Christmas, I was constantly warming up and had to think about every 4-5 days. So good advice on the road - do not tank in Switzerland, because it is clearly the most expensive country.

Update - May 2020

I am in denmark and have been for a few months. And I have come to the conclusion that I use ordinary bottled gas, where I just exchange it in the Construction Market. For it is cheaper than filling the LPG at home. I still use LPG but it will be for backup.

When I travel outside the Danish borders it is 100% the other way around 😁

Are you comfortable using gas at night?

Yes, feel safe, but then have a gas alarm if anything should happen. But just got it gas-tested. And if anything should happen if this Bottle Solution turns off.

How many liters of water do you have and is that enough?

I don't really know, either 80 or 100 liters? Yes, for me it is. In fact, rarely fills up. But don't sweat it, either

And there is water and emptying in many places?

Use if necessary. the CamperContact app (costs only DKK 45 per year)

Sun solar panels

It is Corning 100W. Having been away for some time, I find that this is not enough, so I recharge when I am at campsites. I followed with guidance that I should have had 300-400W. But since I still go to the campsite for other chores. Then it's not a problem for me 😁

Update February 2020 - I'm in Spain and the solar cells are doing fine. The sun is shining and they are charging fine. In 4 weeks I have been connected twice to refill the batteries completely.


I bought 2 split screen camera in Biltema. One is installed as a rear camera and the other over the 'front door'. I also bought an extension so I can have the screen up in bed if I need to hear some jigsaw at the door. Both cameras have infrared 😊

Consumable batteries

2 had new batteries installed in Bumle when I bought him. How much and how can I not answer. They lie in the floor under my table where my solar cells fill them with electricity.

Truma heater

The lighthouse gives me warm water and warmth on the cold days. I have 12 liters of hot water to do well with, so I can wash up and take a bath. I really enjoy this in the cold time, because it provides me with heat around the clock.

Fridge with freezer

It is an old Electrolux that can run on the battery, power from the outside and on gas. It is designed to run optimally on gas and uses approx. 11 grams of gas per hour. However, I will say in the short time I have been on the road that I do not spend much at all. But it is a nice positive. There is one who asks my fridge is big enough. For that I can say YES to me. But I can't answer the needs of others

You can actually read more on Bumle's own page here

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