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Why do I travel alone? What are my travel dreams for the future? Read the answers below my timeline.

April 2019

Started as a self-employed graphic designer and photographer

With butterflies in my stomach, I jumped out as a freelancer, which I have not been before. And it feels much differently than getting your fixed salary every month.

April 2019

Looking for a motorhome

After quitting the idea of ​​a rebuilt overlander car, I went all-in on finding a motorhome that suited my needs.

4 MAY 2019

Bumle was bought

I found Bumle in Solrød on Zealand. Bought him and took him home the same day. He was kept secret for a month before I announced to everyone what my plans were.

4 MAY - 25 AUGUST 2019

Planned the trip

Then it had to be made ready. Bumble had to go to the workshop, get solar cells and install solid gas, etc. Pictures had to be taken and a website had to be made. I had to learn a lot of things about starting as a self-employed with accounting, VAT and tax.

27 JULY 2019

Sold everything I would not have in Bumle

I chose to sell everything over a weekend at an open house/flea market. Many nice people came and bought my things. And I miss none of it.

25 AUGUST 2019

Bumble and I left

Finally, the day was here! I drove across the border, and my 'work and travel' adventure had begun.

August - December 2019

Our first trip

I started by driving down through Germany, where I took a few days to Slovakia and visited a Dane who had previously been a nomad. Then I drove to Austria. I took some trips to southern Germany, after which I took a week in Slovenia. Then back to Austria, where I have undoubtedly spent the most time. I again took some small trips to southern Germany.

Then I drove towards Luxembourg when I had a meeting. Then I drove along the border to Germany and to France. I was some time in Switzerland, where I met a Danish woman who has lived there for many years. Then I went for a week to Vallorcine / Charmonix, where I borrowed an apartment. Then I drove back a few days in Switzerland, then drove through Germany and home on Christmas vacation in Denmark.

January - March 2020

Spain in the winter - but then Covid-19 got in the way!

I visited a German photographer north of Frankfurt, after which the trip went to Switzerland, where I met the Danish woman again. Had a few days Switzerland, and then drove to France with a smut in Annecy, and then I drove to Spain.

I managed to enjoy Spain for a few weeks before Covid-19 arrived. My mother came to visit, but unfortunately she had to fly home before time, and a few weeks later I unfortunately had to drive back to Denmark.

March - 2020


I rolled around Denmark for a season. I really enjoyed it. Because I saw more of Denmark in the relatively short time than I have seen before in my life. Because I have always traveled a lot.

September 2020

In Düsseldorf to look at new motorhomes

A four day trip to Düsseldorf. It was great to get out again. Afterwards, I could feel that it made me long for the days on the road.

10 days in Sweden - October 2020

I was longing

So I took 10 days in Skåne, Sweden, before Skåne also closed down. It was amazing. Among other things, I was in Söderåsen National Park, Kullaberg and Fyledalen, where I had a really fantastic weekend.

Iceland 3,5 months - May 2021

I'm going back to my beloved Iceland

It is a dream to come back to Iceland. Even though I have been there many times, there are still things I would like to experience and see. Among other things, I want like hiking on a glacier and down into an ice cave. And out and drone with the whales. So it's going to be some cool months.

My travel dreams

There are SO many places I would like to go. But my biggest dream is to come back to Iceland next Summer where I will make a stop in the Faroe Islands. But also the Nordic countries are on my wish list; Norway, Sweden and Finland. I dream of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Northern Spain, Scotland, Ireland… I could go on. I still have many years on the road!

Why do I travel alone?

There are actually several reasons for this. I have no boyfriend, I enjoy having the freedom to do what I want. I can stop the car and work when it fits. I can stop and go for a walk and take photos whenever I want.

Next goal?

Now the goal is here, I travel to Iceland for 3,5 months. I have been looking forward to that for a whole year. The plan is for me to roll to northern Spain this winter, and probably to Norway next summer. But we have to see what happens. It's dreams 🚐