Another dream has come true – I have photographed another amazing bird of prey

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Journey, Photograpy, Sweden

I had to pinch myself in the arm when I woke up this morning because it was real enough! I had experienced a red kite quite close!

I chose to dedicate my entire weekend to be in the woods at Fyledalen in Sweden. So often I drive from place to place, but I could feel this weekend, I needed to immerse myself in an area.


Fyledalen is located a little north of Ystad – it is a 20 km long fissure valley and a nature reserve. I have read that Fyledalen, which offers beautiful landscapes and rare plants – is an eldorado for both botanists, ornithologists and geologically interested.

Fyledalen is known as a wintering place for a number of birds of prey, including the golden eagle, buzzard and red kite. In winter, Fyledalen should be one of the best places in Europe to experience birds of prey – especially eagles.


I had got the place recommended when I asked on Instagram if you had a cool place in nature you could recommend. And there I got this recommendation. So I googled and read that it was full of birds of prey… i.a. Red kite and golden eagle. So my body had to go.

I have seen and experienced so many animals… most of them running away from me….

Haha, but it’s a living forest. I have met a lot of deer / fallow deer, wild boar, small fine birds, large birds of prey and squirrels. The whole feeling of being close to nature was magical to me.  

The encounter with wild boar

My heart was pounding out there !! I first met a wild boar that I scared away! Then I met a whole family that I also filmed here and then I heard screams from someone close by! I sat by a tree, enjoyed nature and could hear it getting closer. So I stuck the camera out of the wide tree I was sitting on and got this !!!

See how close it gets to me ???? I have flash-collected the whole experience with the iPhone in a small video of 1:06 minutes. Then all of you who do not see my 24-hour stories can get a glimpse of what the day has been like today – Because you can call it too close to nature. ????


I was in hiding both Saturday and Sunday – 8 and 9,5 hours respectively, to try to get some ‘sharper’ pictures… but most of the experiences I got were outside the camera’s location .. typically, BUT last night, just after the sun went down I got the pleasure of this beautiful red kite!

My heart pounded away… joy warmed my frozen body.

It had been sitting on a branch for a long time and scouted out, and I just refused to get up before it slipped, so I sat quietly… I enjoyed it soooo much. 

After a few minutes, it eased again. And I could go back to Bumble with a big smile. But was curious if the pictures could be used for anything. But I’m ok satisfied. ????

I also had a buzzard sitting on a branch 5 feet away from me while I sat in the shed. And the little bird king was in the bush next to me approx. 1 meter from me. There has been so much life around me.

It was fun to see the wild boar cubs so close, and I did nothing to be quiet because I honestly did not want the mother to come, and they luckily ran away ????

Here I am packed up well on my way to hiding

I am very grateful for these experiences this weekend. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get everything on camera, but the experiences are deep inside me ????

So these pictures/videos are what is probably called documentation shots of what was possible ???? , So even though there was not much to show you in relation to what I have experienced, I am full of good experiences, energy and joy inside. ????

I leave Sweden with a wonderful feeling… I want more… I want to go out and find more animals .. owls and birds of prey ???? So Sweden… I’ll be back. ????

I smile inside… and outside ????

Bubbling greetings

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


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