Ealier #Advertisingcollaboration with TJ Camper.
Hugo is a nice little motorhome of only 5,99 meters. What I fell for was the electric lowered bed above the lounge (134 x 200 cm). It provides so much space in the motorhome. The lounge can also be made up for two people. The car has two seat belts – there is a possibility of four seat belts in the 2021 model. Then there is a good kitchen with two gas burners and extra table space.

‘Kærlighed ved første blik’ means ‘Love at first sight’ on english.


Fiat Ducato,
2,3 Multijet Euro 6 d
 Cabin make: Ilusion
Gear: 6
HP (kW): 140

Km / L: 13,9
Width outside:
 2.320 cm
Height outside: 2.850 cm
Length outside: 5.990 cm

Sleeps: 2 + 2
Seating: 8
Seat belts: 2
– with the option of 4 in the 2021 model

Toal weight: 3500 kg
Net weight: 2772 kg
Ready weight: 2997 kg
Weight tax: 2 x 4720 kr.


Exclusive to ILUSION

Lighter rounded roof construction (7 degrees) which counteracts water on the roof, optimises the car’s aerodynamics, provides lower noise levels and lower diesel consumption.


You will find pictures at the bottom of the page

  • Chassis is Fiat wide track.
  • FIBROPLAST EPS insulation fitted as a standard, lightweight material with a high degree of insulation. 32 mm wall, 33 mm roof and 70 mm floor WT system.
  • GRP-Panels mounted in the floor, sides and roof, produced especially for the car to provide extra strength and durability.
  • High quality super slim windows with integrated aluminium window frames, incl. blackout curtains and insect nets.
  • Camping door with 2-point lock for extra security, window with a blackout curtain, integrated insect net and integrated trash can be mounted on the door.
  • Quality furniture designed as a (low-noise) furniture system, the furniture is tapped together, without the use of screws.
  • High quality and easy-to-clean padding (with Teflon) and zipper.
  • Best quality of metal hinges used on both drawers and cabinets.
  • Smart use of indirect LED lighting (indoor and outdoor) reduces power consumption to a minimum.
  • High-quality material GRP roof provides part of the roof is made hail protected. Wall cladding and floor in (low polyester) a technical designation (car body in 100% polyester)
  • GRP wheel arches and entry steps: less likelihood of damage, less and easier maintenance, a better degree of insulation.
  • Rear bumper with separate corners, easier and cheaper to repair in case of damage.
  • The gas stove island has a glass plate/top which provides more workspace. Possibility to turn up an extra plate in the kitchen. All table tops are made of KRION (natural material).
  • Dometic refrigerator with separate freezer.
  • Roll-mounted drawers with soft-close self-closing and high-quality shock absorber.
  • Water supply via pressurized water pump system, which provides high safety and low maintenance.
  • The table in the dining area is adjustable with 360 º rotation.
  • In the bathroom, the cabin is extra high, and the bathroom and toilet are separate with a fixed shower curtain. The toilet is ceramic and can be rotated. The washbasin is tucked away ‘in a cupboard’ when not in use.


As I love gear, it is a pleasure with all this cool gear in Hugo.

16 ″ alloy wheels, alloy trim on instrument panel, LED daytime running lights, fog lights, leather steering wheel and gear knob, radiator grille in high gloss black, extra rear window (900 × 500), large fridge / freezer, USB connector, cruise control, fabric curtain in front, adjustable seats, power windows, power adjustable mirrors, sky roof, cup holders.

In addition, TJ Camper installs:

  • 330 W solar cells – from TJ Campers’ own import
  • 2 pcs lithium batteries – Topband LiFePo4 100 Ah with Bluetooth
  • Pro User Ren Sinus inverter 1500W
  • Radio / GPS / Rear View Camera: Pioneer Avic-Evo1-DT2 CAN
  • Extra security locks on all 5 doors: 2 pcs Heosafe Locks at the front doors & 3 pcs. IMC Créations at the front door and garage doors
  • Outdoor shower
  • ooono® Traffic Alarm
  • Thule Omnistor awning with a white box and Alaska grey tablecloth
  • Fixed bottled gas that gets installed when I travel south again. It is an 11 kg tank bottle with an external filling nozzle.
  • NX-10 alarm package incl. modem, siren, sensors, remote control