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  • Travel photos/travel reports
  • Company profiles
  • Portraits for CV, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Mood or event pictures for the company
  • Photo manipulation
  • Print my landscape photos for the office, waiting room, meeting room or home private.

I’m working with the natural light

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I have been photographing since 2016. My great passion is working and using nature in my pictures. I work exclusively with natural light.


Wedding photographer

Kristina and Anders

🍁 My first autumn wedding 🍁

I was a photographer at Kristina’s friend’s wedding 5 years ago and here she came to me and said: “Anja, you will be our wedding photographer when I get married📷 So it was very gratifying when Kristina and Anders wrote if I wanted to be a photographer at their day 🍁 Weddings are a big day. A big responsibility. And a great gift for both parties. To feel the joy of enjoying the photos and that I have united their big day gives me an incredible amount ❤️ Kristina and Anders have given me free space to play along the way and they were completely involved in the drone being part of the day. It was an exciting and different professional challenge and I am happy that I can share photos with you today 🌟

STATEMENT from Kristina and Anders 

“We were so lucky that Anja had agreed to be the photographer for our wedding, which is a decision we will never regret. She is super talented and very talented, and she is just the nicest person to be around, as she always shows up with the most wonderful energy, whether it’s an online meeting or a physical meeting. We are left with the most beautiful photos from our wedding, and in several different resolutions that can be used for different purposes, because that’s just how Anja is – always one step ahead and thoroughly professional.”

Ny kundecase

Branding images for


I meet with Maria Therese in southern Spain, where we had a one-hour photo session by the water in the evening sun. Maria was wonderful to work with. She has been given a photo package that she can use on her social media and marketing.

STATEMENT from Maria Therese

“Since the first time I met Anja, I have admired her ability to think and live outside the box. This is reflected in the way she works. We had a fantastic photo session on the beach – and the result was better than I could have dreamed of. Anja is not only a very skilled photographer, she also made me relax and be myself in front of the camera. The professional skill she has – combined with giving energy to those she works with means that the result can be nothing but fantastic. I will definitely come to have more photo sessions with Anja in the future.”

Ny kundecase

Mood photographer at


2 years in a row I took mood pictures which were used for the Pintrip guide, membership card, their social media etc

40 / 5.000




STATEMENT from Henriette, owner of Pintrip

For us, it is important to have a photographer who is well acquainted with the task and the expression we want. Anja manages that. She lies on her stomach, crawls in bushes and on ladders – to get the perfect shot with the right angle. Throughout the process, we have experienced great commitment and professionalism, and can warmly recommend others to enter into a collaboration with Anja Robanke.

Ny kundecase

Drone photographer for

Jørand Tækkeforretning

I had the pleasure of having the drone in the air to immortalize 2 beautiful projects that Jørand Tækkeforretning has made. I am so fascinated by the craftsmanship behind it.

The task was drone footage, but I had free hands and it was a pleasure. André arranged for written permissions, then I just called the owners the day before I arrived and made an appointment. Both places went so well and I was very lucky with the weather, the light and the beautiful autumn colours.

Below you see the result of the 2 houses

You can see more of their projects on their Facebook page

Ny kundecase

Mood photographer at


I followed Helle and 2 of her dog training team on a beautiful spring day. She wanted different mood pictures of her and their training for her website.

Ny kundecase

Pony photographer

Stutteri wonderwelsh

I have visited Mona a few times and photographed her ponies. It is always a pleasure to work in nature and with animals.


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