I am always up and running somehow. If I am not working for a client or working on my own stuff, then I am out playing with one of my hobbies.

In fact, all four hobbies have to do with photography – on land, in water, in the air and in hiding!


I am often seen lying around on the ground and being very dirty. But, I love getting at eye level with what I photograph.

In March 2016, I went to a photo workshop in Randers Rainforest, Denmark, with photographers Brian Rasmussen and Ard Jongsma. It changed my approach to photography. From that weekend, I was hooked.

On my Iceland trips, I developed very quickly. I ended up spending 25% of my time in Iceland over two years. I could not get enough. And I still cannot get enough. So I hope I can go back to Iceland in 2021.

Photography is a place where I enjoy my free time when I am not working, especially when I am out in nature where I find energy and inspiration.


It’s a little fun because I’ve always been a little against drones. At least I’m not too fond of the sound.

However, my development of growth stopped, and I was missing something that could inspire me. Then, I remember watching a video on YouTube that started something in me.

I only managed to have my new drone in the air for 16 minutes before it crashed into the sea. Luckily, we found it so I could have it exchanged through my insurance.

I bought a DJI Mavic Air 2. And so far I’m thrilled with it. BUT it is also my first drone, so I have nothing and compare it with.

I really want to do graphic nature photography. I am a beginner, so still, I have a lot to learn.


I find the underwater world fascinating and alluring. 

After my drone crashed into the sea, and we were on rescue mission and found it, I was fascinated by life underwater. Then I bought a tailor-made wetsuit.

I really want to take pictures and video underwater. So I bought a case for my iPhone 11 Pro Max and I have a GoPro Hero 7 & 9 camera. I have a 1/2 year time upgraded so that my Canon R5 can come with underwater. I bought an Outex underwater camera body with a 120mm dome.

In the long run, I would like to learn to hunt under water, so I can supply myself with some fresh fish for lunch.

I have made an equipment list where you can see what equipment I have:


Some call me crazy and others a cool woman. Personally, I just think it is wonderful to be one with nature.

Being in hiding is also a new interest for me. But it is clearly one, which has come to stay. When I have time and want to immerse myself in nature, I sit down and enjoy life in the forest.

In the pictures to the right you can see the osprey and the red kite. For the osprey, I sat in hiding for more than 10,5 hours and for the red kite for more than 17,5 hours over two days. It sounds like a lot, but there are so many other experiences along the way, which I enjoy in nature.