Time for you

– gives you a place where you can get sparring, guidance, listening ears and help. I believe that working with a positive mind and going after what we dream of is the way to a better life.

I often receive messages from people who ask questions and seek guidance. I am really pleased to be able to help and be an inspiration. Unfortunately, I cannot always answer all inquiries, as I have assignments for my clients as a graphic artist, photographer and speks.

In order to give you the best possible help and sparring, I have decided to offer my time for a fee. If you want to discuss something with me, you are more than welcome to send an email to anja@robanke.dk, where you briefly describe your question or challenge. Together we can assess whether I can help you in the best way.

I will always be open and honest and I will do my best to help you. If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know honestly and directly. Below I have provided some examples of questions that I can help with.


I want to share my lifestyle and experiences with you. If you are curious to know more about how I live on the road, feel free to read on.

You might be wondering how I got the idea or how much time I spent on the preparations. Perhaps you would like to know where I have my address, where I spend the night or what it’s like to drive alone. Maybe you’re wondering how I manage to stay safe on the road, or if life on the road is always idyllic. I would also like to share my practical experiences with mobile and data abroad as well as my knowledge of the seasons in a motorhome.


If you are considering working remotely and have questions about how I make a living from it or about my experiences as a graphic designer, I can also help. Perhaps you are interested in taking your work with you in a camper or considering retraining? Let’s have a chat about it.


If you are interested in photography and need help, I can assist you. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you want to learn more about manual settings on your camera. I can offer 1:1 teaching and help with image editing, either while we share a screen or by meeting. We can also go out for a walk where you can ask questions about photography and techniques or you can send me your photos and I will give feedback on them.


If you are planning to travel and you are interested in my experiences and experiences from my trips to Iceland, I can help plan your trip – both with and without a motorhome. I have helped several people design their dream trip to the island.
I will be happy to share my experiences and help you with your questions. Write to me at anja@robanke.dk and we will find out if I can help you in the best way.

Price per hour

800 ddk per hour / 3 hours for 2.100,-

The prices are incl. VAT.

You can write me an email at anja@robanke.dk where you briefly describe what you would like to have sparring about – then we will find out if it is something I can help you with.


We can talk by phone, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or another online medium.

We can meet at a location if that would benefit you. There, however, you must book me for at least 3 hours. And depending on the agreement, and where we meet, driving may be added.


These are my experiences you book! If you have questions regarding SKAT – then talk to SKAT. If it’s something with rules about cars, talk to the body that knows something about the subject.


“Anja lives such an exciting life. I sent her an email with a lot of questions and she told me I could book her time. Jeg chose to book her an hour and ask her about everything what it means to live as she does.

But also to share my thoughts on mine any future on the road. I also needed to share a business idea, hear her advice and the experiences she has gained. It gave me peace of mind. Anja is good at sharing her experiences and she does it in a fun, honest and humorous way and the planning on my adventure continues definitely”

Janni / Upcoming Digital nomad

“You must have a huge thank you for finding the time to meet in my camper. It has been a great help to me and my trip to Iceland. I have greatly enjoyed all your knowledge, experience and helpfulness that you shared. I have now had 45 adventurous days on ‘your Island’ And seen almost everything you talked about, but also much more. I would only recommend others to contact Anja and get off to Iceland’s amazing nature. I have had an incredible experience of a lifetime. Iceland is now also ‘my Iceland’. Thanks, Anja!” Knud Mandrup Jacobsen / Motorhome owner

“How incredibly lucky I was to have the opportunity to meet Anja 1:1 to hear about her experiences and experiences. And I was incredibly impressed, absolutely fantastic what this Anja achieves. Also incredibly bubbly energy and welcoming. Easy to open up to her to ask for advice. In those days with Anja, we went through the whole range of emotions with difficult things, nice things and some wonderful nature experiences. Good conversations. I am left with a smile and lots of good memories. Thinking about how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to meet Anja. She is a wonderful person and skilled in her work. So would strongly recommend talking to Anja if there is a need for advice, photography, lectures, travel tips, graphic design in one form or another or as a writer. She is unique.” Kim Tollefsaen / Kommende fuldtids autocampist fra Norge

“I called Anja and asked if I could use her for some feedback on some of my photos. We had a really good talk about what was good and what I could improve.

One day I would like to go out and photograph with her for a few hours and become more confident in that go from auto to manual fotografering. I will definitely call again when I get a new need. I got good advice for my further course and it was a really good experience.

Gitte / School teacher with photography as a hobby