LMC Tourer Lift H 660 G

#Advertising collaboration with TJ Camper and Camper Basen.

The next year I have the pleasure of driving this beautiful LMC. There are several things that make me choose this particular one. Among other things. I would like to try a longer motorhome. This means a lot of storage space and I need that, as the car is my home.
I love the single beds with trundle function and cold foam mattresses that can quickly be converted into one large double bed. It will be good, as the coming year offers slightly more visits than in the past. The quality is top notch and it has been a great pleasure to move in. On this page, you will find many more pictures and information about Walther.

I have given all my cars a name. I think they get personality by having a name. Walther fits this LMC so well. The picture of the puffin is printed at Nima-Reklame


Citroën Jumper 2,2l
Blue HDI – 103 kW / 140 hk

Cabin manufacturer: LMC
Gear: 6
Cruise control/cruise
Diesel tank: 75 l
AdBlue tank: 19 l
Toal weight: 3500 kg
Egen weight: 2643 kg
Ready-to-drive weight: 2904 kg

Width outside: 2.320 cm
Hight outside: 2.870 cm
Lengh outside: 6.990 cm
Inside standing height: 1.980 cm
Wide track 198 cm
(instead of 179 cm)
16″ wheels on alloy rims
Charging booster
Air conditioning manually
Wider side mirrors
Electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors

Seats: 5
Harness places: 4
Sleeps: 3-4
There can be 3 people in the back of the car when the bed is changed to a double bed.
Then there is additional space for one in the sofa group and one in the lift (= 5 people).

Do you want to take a 360º tour of Walther?

You must click on the link welcome inside to see Walther’s interior. However, this is version LMC Tourer 660G without a lift, but everything else is totally the same 🙂

Additional knowledge about Walther

You will find the pictures at the bottom of the page

  • GRP bottom, front, roof and rear.
  • The living room is entirely in GRP with 12 years. sealing/front/rear/roof/bottom/side walls.
  • Floor, wall and roof thickness (mm) 40 / 30 / 30.
  • Living room door 58 cm with 2-point lock for extra security, window with blackout curtain, integrated insect net and integrated waste bin mounted on the door.
  • Coupé entry (low).
  • Lowered rear end for greater payload 250 kg.
  • The optional, electric raised bed at the Tourer Lift disappears. right up to the ceiling and therefore does not take up space in the living room.
  • No annoying fingerprints on the surface decor thanks to anti-finger print.
  • THETFORD compressor refrigerator – 132 l.
    Combi 6 E air-borne heating with CP Classic control panel (Electric cartridge).
  • Water tank capacity 100 l/20 l with filling nozzle (insulated).
  • Waste water tank 90 l (Insulated).
  • Powerful tandem submersible pump.
  • Gas connection with Truma Duo control with automatic bottle switch
  • Multifunction control panel
  • Cold foam mattresses.
  • Large roof hatch in the back 70 x 50 cm
  • Wooden grate in the shower base
  • Edge stitched carpets for the living area and for the cab
  • Waterborne underfloor heating (in combination with airborne heat)
  • Eix-Ex defroster and remote display (only together with DuoControl)
  • DuoControl with Crash Sensor
  • Airborne heating (with electric heating cartridge)
  • Multifunction steering wheel with control element
  • Skyroof in extension above cab on T models
  • Spots in the floor area
  • Indirect lighting in the kitchen back wall
  • Indirect lighting above and below upper cabinets
  • Folding roller blind system for the cab
  • LED strips in the sleeping area