3 articles in one newspaper today in Fyens Stiftidende

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I do not know 100%, but it is an honour to be in a newspaper with 3 articles in one day…

And it was nice when journalist Stine Ploug Christiansen came to visit Hugo while I was in western Funen last week. We came a long way in our talks and it ended up with these 3 articles in Fynes Stiftidende, which was published today?

The 2 articles are free to read and they come here:

Anja lives in ‘Hugo’ and has no fixed address: Find the courage to pursue your dreams

And this one:

Anja experiences the world and nature on four wheels: Spent 17,5 hours on the perfect picture

where the last one must have a subscription with Fyens, to read. So if you have it or want to get it, then it can be read here:

Freedom on four wheels: Anja replaces Bumle with a younger, Spanish model


If you want to read the other articles written by Fyens Stifttidende, they can be read here:

Anja sells everything and travels – I want to feel that I am alive


Fyens Stifttidende followed up on the time that has passed since my Europe trip began

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


(Only in danish)

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