Advertising policy on my website and social media

I have a few good collaborations in my ‘Work and Travel’ life.
I will always mark the text with // Advertising at the beginning of eg Instagram and Facebook, and a blog post can start with ‘This post contains advertising and advertising links’.

Just because I advertise a company or product does not mean that I have been given money to write or say something specific. And often it is products that I have bought, sometimes at a discount and/or that have been discounted for a given period of time. Actually, I just want to pass on my experience and I always want my own opinion and attitude towards the products.

I often get questions about what I do and use in my everyday life, as well as my professional gear. To make it easier for everyone, I have made some equipment pages and there will be some blog posts in the future as well. It is primarily to help others along the way when they ask me what equipment I have.

There will be some links on my website that contain affiliate links. These are links that link you to the company’s website. It will not matter to you. But I will in some cases earn a small percentage if you buy your item there.

And remember – I will never recommend products or equipment that I can not vouch for myself. So it’s in my eyes a win-win for both of us.

You can read about the Consumer Ombudsman’s rules here: ‘Good advice for influencers on covert advertising’

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