BREAKING NEWS! 😉 I’m moving into a new Mobile home!

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Update

I knew after a short time in Bumle that I would like to live 100% into a mobile home for a long time and indefinitely. And like many others who buy their first house, they find some things that they would like different. So now it’s time for an upgrade.

#Advertisement collaboration ???? Bumble has been a great motorhome for me for a year and a half, but it’s time to get into a year-round car. Because then my dream of being in the Nordic countries in the cold times can come true. Not to say I’ll never go south again. But I dream of the cool north, and my big dream is to go to Iceland for a few months next year. ????

What car is it?

I’m moving into this Ilusion XMK in 590 FT. And I can not help but jump around with joy. It will be SO cool and wildly different to live in a BRAND new car.

I rented it through TJ Camper at an advantageous price. They have been so cool to make it top ready for me with equipment to live in it 100%. Among other things. With 330W solar cells! Once I receive it and have mastered it all, I will elaborate on it much more. But I am bubbling with joy and must share the news with you. ????

He is called Hugo. Because when I Googled top Spanish boy names – Hugo showed up. And since Ilusion is Spanish, and Hugo also has a Danish sound, I ended up with this name 🙂

When do I move in?

I will do that in approx. 2 weeks. After that, TJ Camper must make him ready to fit into my ‘work and travel’ life with delicious accessories.

Here are some pictures I just took with my iPhone from inside the exhibition ????

Yes, he must move on and travel with others who can have wonderful experiences with him. I’ve had a great time with him. And we have really rolled some wonderful kilometres, and he has been a perfect first purchase. So now he is ready to be able to please some others who would like a car with a little extra gear.


I will return when I am more in place and happily show off my new rolling home and office.

And remember, just as I loved Thorleif (my old Land Rover) for all the experiences he gave me, and I miss him once in a while, I will love Bumle for all that he has given me over the last 1,5 years.

The last bumbling greetings


(A Google Translate plugin makes the English translation. Sorry for any error translations)

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


(Only in danish)

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