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It really is a big day today. Fjällräven has shared my story about my pants. It's so amazing how such a thing can be done

It all started with, I shared a story on my Instagram, where I sit and film a morning at Tåsinge with my new Canon R5. I'm dirty on my knees. I tag CanonNordic, who shares it in their story. Here is a photographer at Fjällräven the… and Vupti, I got an email from her if I wanted to tell the story of my pants 🙂 And you do not say no to that.

It is an honor to be a part of it. There is no doubt, I am a big user of Fjällräven 😉

You can read it here. I'm a little proud. Fjällräven has over half a million followers on Facebook, but also on Instagram, where they shared it in their story, which can read this article.

Wildly weird and wildly cool 🙂

Rolling greetings

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