A visit to Store Blåkilde

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When Hugo and I visited Rebildbakker and Rold Skov, I had to pass ‘Store Blåkilde’, and I have in no way regretted it. 

As I understand it, Store Blåkilde is one of the most famous pool springs.

The source is 12 meters on the widest stretch and approx. 4-5 meters deep. It produces 80 liters per second or 7 million liters per day. The water has a temperature of 7-8 degrees all year round. The bottom of the source is light and consists of several places of sand and lime particles.

In the old days, the source was used in connection with superstition. It was a custom that the gentleman at Willestrup threw a silver pattern in before he went hunting with his company.

I’m total wow over we have such a place in Denmark. I have learned more about Denmark in the last 11 months than I have all my life… I think ????

Here is a drone video from the source

Drone pictures

It’s about. one kilometre to walk from the parking place and out. And you go on Field road, footpath and footbridge.

The parking lot is here:
Møldrupvej 28, 9510 Arden

N56.784370, E9.924767

And note: It is not allowed to swim or dive in the spring.

I really wanted to come back here on a sunny summer, so I had the two contrasts for summer-winter.

Have a nice Sunday.

Rolling greetings

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