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This week I am in the weekly magazine SUNDAY. Hanne Vinther Mikkelsen has written a few words about me and life on the road. 


The theme is Nomadic Life. And it’s a little fun, because I never think of myself as a nomad, but I am – a digital nomad. I just do not use that word myself, about me 🙂 I think it has become a really good go nice article about me and life. And then it is always a pleasure to see my own pictures used in an article 🙂

What is the magazine SØNDAG?

I found some words from their editor-in-chief.

The weekly SØNDAG is for life-lovers. Here is the active and outgoing woman “in the middle of life”.

SUNDAY is Denmark’s largest women’s magazine that inspires and recognizes the adult woman. Our readers are well-informed and engaged with a great appetite for life. They have both time and desire to gain new experiences, insights and inspiration.


Christina Bølling
Chefredaktør, SØNDAG

Right now I am looking forward to being able to walk and drive again. Missing the freedom gradually, I can feel.

So not so rolling greetings yet;)

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