I met Bumle’s new owners

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How nice it was that Nellie and Frank invited to tea and tea balls in Bumle yesterday afternoon.

Nellie and Frank bought Bumle back in February. And we talked about that time, that it might be nice to say hello to each other.

So yesterday it succeeds, and I got to see Bumble again. He had been upgraded with paint objection, new curtains and new upholstery on the cushions. He stood and was as cosy as I remembered him. It was fun, nice, and so a little weird to sit there again. That was where it all started for me. My new lifestyle. Freedom. Work and travel. And the joy of following the dreams of my life. Bumble will always have a special place in my heart, making me so happy that they are so happy for him.

Hugo and Bumle also just said hello. ????

But enough about that – Who are they?

I had a really good chat with Bumle’s new owners, Nellie and Frank, who are true-life lovers. They love to hike, play music, camp, walk in the garden, make arrangements for many people in their local town hall, to name a few things they deal with. They have a fairly large group of children, 5 children and (soon) 9 grandchildren, so there is plenty to tackle.

So why should they have a motorhome?
Yes, there are many reasons for that.

Bumle gets a future like the Tour bus Bumle. He should be their home when they are at a music meeting – which they are several times during the year. They also need accommodation when they are out and about to entertain people with their music. They play many different kinds of music, but the purpose is always the same: entertaining people. They have a repertoire that contains everything from funny shows to serious ballads in many different genres.

They live in a small town called Blistrup in North Zealand, where they are both very active in the local Medborgerhus. Here they have a Musikcafe, which runs during the winter. In addition to this, there are many other events in the house that they participate in. During the winter season, about 1000 guests come through the house, and this they greatly appreciate, as they both love to meet both new and familiar people.

Bumblebees should also be used as a home when they are out hiking. Before the corona, they have been on hikes abroad, but you can hike everywhere, so they now trot around Denmark. For example, they are looking forward to trying out the new internationally appointed panoramic route by Mariager Fjord.

They are really looking forward to meeting other campers on their way around Denmark, which they plan to explore a lot during the summer. They have already been on several short trips with Bumle and are very happy for him. He has been upgraded a bit with new upholstery and notes on the alcove.

An added benefit of Bumle and the motorhome life is that Nellie no longer has to stress over where her next meal is to come from. She has celiac disease (does not tolerate gluten), and it is quite troublesome, but not when you have the fridge with you everywhere! Frank’s stress level is also said to have dropped. ????

You are very welcome to contact Nellie and Frank at this email: samuelsen.nellie@gmail.com

Or you can follow here on their Instagram ????

I am SO happy to have met these wonderful, life-affirming and life-loving people. And I will definitely drive by somewhere in the future and hear them play ????

Rolling greetings

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