Changed travel plans – Am I driving home? And what happens to Hugo?

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No, I do not. BUT I’m sorry someone got the experience of the video I got posted recently. The idea has never been that I should drive home to Denmark. But that I should take a break with big jubilant adventures for a while.

This is not the first time I am changing my direction on this trip. Nor is it always easy to predict what will happen in the world.

It can be said that since I moved into a motorhome, the plans have changed regularly. For example when Bumle and I drove wrong in Slovenia or when we had to drive home due to Corona. And my Iceland trip was postponed. And then I broke my ankle and had to ‘get home’ Yes, something happens all the time, so I have to make a new choice.

And now we have the war in Ukraine, which is affecting me a lot. And my body and mind do not feel like driving further east.

I have always learned to listen to myself and my gut feeling. And I have chosen to do that.

But what now?

Yes .. It’s a bit difficult, but I have some thoughts but do not want to lock myself in anything. I just landed in Slovenia. I have a huge dream of photographing bears. And I thought this experience was going to be in Romania. But luckily for me, there are already bears waking up from their den in Slovenia. And I’m in dialogue with  – I bet on 3 days in hiding with them.

The good thing about a home/office on wheels is that I can move.

Then the idea is to roll towards northern Spain quietly, through Italy and France. I never got my Spain trip finished when Corona came and disturbed. So the dream is to experience the north.

And I look forward to getting out and experiencing more of Europe 🙂

And what is/was wrong with Hugo?

I got a bug 417 on the Truma display. TJ Camper and I tried everything to get it up and running again. But it required a workshop. And since I had chosen to drive west and I could not get in touch with the workshop here in Croatia. Then I choose one in Ljubljana in Slovenia at Prebil d.o.o.  🙂

They switched ‘print’ and a sensor. And then they tested my power from solar cells. And they have a theory the car has been overheated And so there has been a fault which then made it all break. BUT now it works and I am super happy with the good service here at this workshop. They can do everything with a motorhome, so if you are in the area with something that teases, then I can highly recommend them 🙂 I was lucky mine went under warranty.

It’s important to remember that I use a recreational vehicle full time, so some things need to be changed every now and then.
The last few days I have fortunately had a fan heater and been connected to shore power at the campsite. So it was only last night I have been without heat because I drove from Split yesterday in the late afternoon (after finishing physiotherapist treatment)

And what about the back?

Yes, it has teased me. Such a ‘witch shot’ (Hold the loin) is no joke. But it has helped that I stopped driving and managed to get 3 physiotherapist treatments. And feel almost like a human again. I’ve been given a lot of exercises to do. But in addition, I got a message for all the tension I got built up over 2 weeks. I got an ultrasound massage, and some electric hello. She also gave me something reminiscent of craniosacral therapy. Then she ended up taping my back. So all in all, it really helped. Now, however, I have just driven from Split in Croatia to Ljubljana in Slovenia from yesterday to this morning. That trip I can feel now today. But I have to go out and get some peace again and not do the long moves for the time being 🙂

But now the trip can continue with heat and hot water. And I cross my fingers so much that I see a bear 🙂
Thank you for supporting my trip and following my adventure ✨

And ‘Happy International Women’s Day’

Rolling greetings

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