Burglary attempt in Bumle while I slept last night!

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I do not know exactly how to tell it without a lot of worries… but I don’t want to hide it. 

It is important that you do not contact me with messages, because I can not manage to relate to it. I know you’re thinking of me ❤️

(Made an update at the bottom – September 16)

I had a burglary attempt last night while sleeping in Skive by Jem & Fix (a store). I had run out of gas and then I was close to where I could buy a new bottle in the morning. The parking lot was fully lit.

What happened?

I wake up at 1.13 by the whole car ‘swinging’ and could see the light in the crack at the door, which was about to be broken open. I jump down on the floor and shout loud HEEY HEEEY .. STOP IT!! Sensing it stops after another shout and I call 112.

I’m talking to the police until the first patrol was here. But before they come and while I talk to them on the phone, I roll down a bit for a curtain and saw a figure in some white clothes in some tall planting .. grass/shrubs.

The dog patrol arrives approx. a quarter of an hour later. I’m out there watching it all, so I’m watching what’s going on. The female officer was very sweet to explain and talk to me. Makes me calm down – as I was very sad and crying a lot.

The door/lock is broken. But it was very important I got to scare him away. And the patrol found a man under the influence of drugs dressed in white. But he would not admit anything. So they took him to the station and took DNA from Bumle’s door. Then time will tell if it was him. I’ll probably never hear that.

What now? 

I then drove over to the police parking lot the rest of the night and I’m here now at the time of writing.

It was an ugly experience, but I’m okay now – considering it all. I think at least. Should probably just let it get all in. I have some good talks with the police and have been involved in what was happening all along.

This experience must not get stuck in me. I don’t want to be scared in the future. But I’m in good spirits right now! Thanks to a good effort from the police.

please DO NOT CONTACT me in private. I do not have a surplus for a lot of messages. where I have to relate to having to answer. I know you want the best for me and that you send me thoughts ????

And thank you for your enthusiasm with me and the osprey! ?? It’s so great to share ???? You can see the pictures HERE

Some time has passed and I have come a long way from the experience. And I have at no time felt insecure or scared. I think it’s because I know he did not go after me personally. And there is a social building in the area.
The case is closed unless they find a match on DNA from the handle and a perpetrator. But I want you to know that I’m fine.


Thank you ❤️

Bubbling greetings

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


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