I just created a logo design for a blacksmith and his donkey in Massachusetts, USA

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This shows that Iceland and Instagram connect people. And that it’s possible for me to work with people across a big sea and crossing country borders. All I actually need is people’s good ideas and my MacBook.

Alan saw my ‘Stories’ on Instagram, where I showed some logos with a Viking, which I had modified, then printed as stickers. Shortly afterwards he wrote to me if I could do something like that for him with his horseshoe hearts and lovely donkey, Moose ?!

I said yes!

We made this, and as you saw in the top picture, they were printed as stickers.

Then a few days later he wrote to me with this good idea; to make Moose’s butt in the horseshoe heart on the back on a t-shirt. I think it’s a hilarious idea. Just love it! Can’t wait to see them finished.


After reading about Alan and his story, I just felt you should “meet” him and Moose, the Mini Donkey. Moose is about 17 years and Alan had him since he was XIX, so a strong friendship has been built up between them. And it is a pleasure to follow his stories on Instagram, gives you an smile. You can follow here: https://www.instagram.com/luckynailblacksmith/

About Lucky Nail Blacksmith

Alan grew up and was raised in a family that made a living out of rusty iron and steel. He never went into the family business, but instead chose another path. Now years later the family business has since closed and been sold off and following a disability that ended his 26-year law enforcement career – He wanted to have his own blacksmith shop and was inspired to create unique items of iron, steel, and other metals.

The Lucky Nail Blacksmith Shop is located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts USA – Here you will find handcrafted items made by a blacksmith – along with handcrafted items such as up-cycled & re-purposed metal objects in pieces of Jewelry or housewares.

here are some pictures from their Instagram. I am very fascinated by this old workshop and how it is true to the old handcraft. And Moose is just so cute

His words

After a cancer diagnosis, I went to Iceland. I will never forget getting off a shuttle, from the airport, in downtown Reykjavik, in the dark, in the middle of a big wind. Now I’m a big guy – that wind nearly blew me away. That’s when I fell in love with Iceland. The weather is honest, raw, and rash-like the countryside with its mountains, waterfalls, and lava rock everywhere.

All the Cancer was removed, and I’ve been free of it since – but in Iceland I am not sure if I’ll ever be free of it.

When I came home to the states, I was so taken by the country that I offered my three oldest boys a free trip to Iceland – one took up the offer and went. I have returned to the island 3 more times since, bringing my youngest son twice.

It was before my 2nd trip that I did an Instagram search of Iceland and found your photos from the spring of 2017. I’ve followed your photos and travels since. 

In part I chose you to do the artwork to pay you back for the content you’ve provided. Also, I thought that those Viking ones you posted looked really good and I wanted to support your new endeavor.

So that’s how I found 5700 kilometers away.

My words

When I read these words, I got Goosebumps. The feeling that he fought cancer got into me because I had it close to me not long ago!

And his feelings for Iceland. I recognized it so much. The rawness and honesty that lies in nature and its powers. It is true;

You will never finish Iceland!

I’m glad I “met” Alan and Moose! And who knows – maybe I’ll stop by in a few years when my trip goes to Canada and the states ????

Right now I enjoy following the two in the workshop.

You can be Lucky here. He has a store on Amazon ????

I love how this online world connects people! And how I can work remotely and have my dreams survived while.

Good luck to you all!
Anja & Bumle

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