My drone crashed into the sea!

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Drone, Me

I was HAPPY, then I was SORRY, then I was HAPPY again… It has been the wildest drone day! 

As people who follow my me on Instagram know, I got my drone the day before yesterday. A beautiful and delicious DJI Mavic Air 2

So yesterday my Dad and I set out to fly with my new drone. It went very well, as you can see in the first videos.

I just had to adjust a bit before I could fly
Off I went – I made 3 landings and felt ok in what I was doing.

BUT THEN it crashed into the water! And I was sorry. I jumped in the wetsuit and swam around out there for 40 minutes and the Garmin clock said approx. 1 km around. But did not find it.

I was NOT happy after a hard swim ???? That drone had only been 16 min in the air.
Fortunately, was able to help me find it with the coordinates.

Skypilot has really been of great help and I do not get paid for saying it, but such great service I have received from Johannes over there. He has been good at explaining to me the process of what I should do.

I called Eva – My hero! Simon and Heidi also came to help. We left this morning and rescued that drone so that it can be sent down to Holland.

Eva, Heidi and Simon came and helped me ????

I swam out to the coordinates with my iPhone in hand so I could be right there, called Eva… And she FOUND IT !!

Crazy video of Eva finds the drone.

!!! happy happy happy happy happy !!!!
We did it! I’m happy all the way inside.

I bought my drone and have insurance on it through, where I can get 2 drone exchanges within the first year by crash 🙂 But glad I have that option.

BUT they also send it to DJI to hear if there should be a fault in it as it reported some faults with over heated battery sometimes and sometimes it was too cold. So something seems to be wrong

I’m just so glad we found it ????

Now it takes some time before I can get in the air again ????
But I’m already looking forward to it ????

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