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by | May 5, 2022 | Equipment, Me, Update

Since 2016, I have been shopping in Friluftslageret and I bought my first pair of Fjällräven trousers there. I have since replaced the wardrobe with practical outdoor clothing from them.

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Today I can proudly tell you, that I have become one of ‘OUR FRIENDS’ at Friluftslageret 🙂 This is the most natural thing I could do because I have been stuck in their stores for years. I have always felt welcome and been guided and advised for all my adventures. These clothes fit my lifestyle all the way around 🤠 I can be myself in these clothes and I have told you many times So for me, it’s not ‘just’ a collaboration. It is a collaboration I have dreamed of for many years. I have said no to many collaborations over the years I have driven on the road because I have wanted the right collaborations 🙂 So this is so gratifying for me 🙂
I’m really looking forward to the collaboration and sharing the good news with outdoor clothing and gear – with my eyes and experiences 🙂 And remember I only share something that I feel like and need! And just look how cool – Friluftslageret has made a page about me on their page HERE Isn’t it just fat! Wup wup! And I’m not the only ‘OUR FRIENDS’ – you can read about the others HERE A lot of rolling greetings from Spain Anja

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


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