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by | Feb 19, 2024 | Autocamper, Update, YouTube

Woohoo! ✨ / Advertising for new motorhome \
Then there is great news! Hope you are ready to hear about my exciting new collaboration with TJ Camper and Malibu? 🥳🤩 Núna and I will be moving into a new motorhome soon! It is so beautiful 😍

Do you remember that last year I said that I didn’t want anything for Christmas, but after being in Norway in the amazing Malibu, I sent a wish to Santa that I wanted such a motorhome. Unfortunately, it wasn’t under the tree on Christmas Eve, but I’ve just been told that I don’t have to wait until next Christmas Eve. Because the Malibu landed in Denmark, brand new from the factory, the agreement was made between TJ Camper, Malibu and me. AND I will be driving it for the next two years 🥳😍 Wauw🤩

It’s a Malibu I 441 LE 🚐 It’s an all-terrain car ✨ A winter car that opens up adventure possibilities and that Núna doesn’t get dragged down by the floor 🤩 The size is: L 667.5 x W 227 x H 294 cm. I’ll make a page with it, just like I usually do, as more info comes 😁

The Malibu we will be living in is actually a model similar to the one I was on a promotional tour in December and of which you see pictures here.

I will drive it in close collaboration with TJ Camper and with Malibu. I am very much looking forward to these two years and helping to make pictures, videos, branding and other cool things for such a delicious brand 🚐🤩✨ And not least to be in this collaboration with exciting opportunities 😁

This weekend you can see the Malibu at the ‘Ferie for alle’ in Herning, where TJ Camper has it and shows it off 😍 They are in hall K stand 8160.

The plan is: After the fair, it will be ready for me at the Camper Teknik  workshop with a lot of nice equipment, which Geg will probably have to go through. In the meantime, I give a lot of lectures in March and a trip to North Jutland. Then I’ll move into the Malibu at Easter 🐣 Then I’ll go out and take cool pictures and make its own page on my website, as well as record video for YouTube 📸😁

AND can you guess what I named this gorgeous Malibu? I heard a bird sing that TJ Camper has raffled off a competition for the winner 🤩 See more on their Facebook page.

I’m looking forward to this 🚐🥳 Now I managed to get a really good taste when I was in Norway in it. And I’m so happy that my wish came true, because I want to drive that motorhome for 2 years 😁 All I have to say is, ‘stay tuned’, there will be much more information when I’ve moved in 🤩

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