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Så har du mulighed for at booke et af mine foredrag. Du kan læse om de 2 nedenfor

Og længere nede på siden, kan du se,
hvor jeg holder offentlige foredrag rundt i Danmark.

What is the good life?

– An inspiring journey with Anja Robanke for reflection and reflection

Duration: One hour incl. questions

Imagine living a life where the world is open and where you live the ultimate version of your own life. Where there is room for adventure and reflection in everyday life. This is exactly what graphic artist, photographer, author and lecturer Anja Robanke is up to.

For more than 4 years, Anja has traveled through Europe in her motorhome, and on this unconventional journey she has found the answer to what the good life means to her. Now she wants to share her life-changing experience with you; how she has ended up in a minimalist existence, where she has freed herself from materialistic by saying goodbye to the house, the car and all the unnecessary possessions. It has given her the freedom to follow her inner passion, to live the life that is the good life for her.

Anja’s goal is not for everyone to live like her; her ambition is to inspire thoughts about “what is the good life for you?” – both in relation to private and working life.

Join Anja on a fantastic journey through her experiences and discover how her visit to Iceland provided the inspiration for a radical lifestyle change. Her “Work & Travel” concept has given her a life in accordance with her innermost desires and dreams, and it brings joy and inspiration to thousands of people who follow her adventures on social media.

“I would very much like to inspire others to live ‘The good life’ – and my goal is not that all people should live as I do, but to make people reflect on life”

“Iceland definitely helped shape me to where I am today. It allowed me to see what was possible with the ‘Work and Travel’ life – so when the opportunity was there, I took it.”

My rolling life in a motorhome

– With digital nomad and adventurer Anja Robanke

Duration: 2 x 45 min. incl. questions

In this visual speak, I give a unique insight into his minimalist life and the very different everyday life I live after giving up my house, and my car and selling all my belongings that didn’t fit in my motorhome.

The inspiration for my significant lifestyle change was born from several longer trips to Iceland, which were made possible by a boss who gave me free rein. Here I saw what could work in practice in relation to the lifestyle, “work & travel”. Today I am living my dream – to the great joy of myself and the many thousands of people who follow me on social media and are inspired by the lifestyle I have actively sought out and regularly post about.

My ambition is not for the entire Danish population to do as I do. My hope is to be able to inspire that we all get the best out of our lives and live out our dreams. It requires courage, dynamism and deprivation – you must be ready to challenge what is possible.

The lecture provides answers to many of the questions that naturally arise when the participants imagine that it was they themselves who traveled alone into the world on 4 wheels:  Are you never afraid? Don’t you feel lonely? Do you have a plan for where you are going? Is life on the road all pink, or does the hamster wheel also make an appearance, even if you are sitting in the sun on a mountain top – and don’t have to physically show up for work on Monday morning?

I take you on an adventure and the entire speak is filled with pictures and video clips.

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Words from participants and organizer for my speaks

“Should we go to Iceland and experience the magnificent nature?
That could be the conclusion of a very exciting and inspiring lecture, which a group of photography enthusiasts were presented to in West Jutland Nature Photographers. Anja delivers a captivating and beautiful lecture about Iceland with particular emphasis on the fantastic natural scenery that can be experienced. She manages to make the images and experiences come alive, so that you almost feel like you are there. Beautiful personal pictures of animals and nature seasoned with little tricks and good advice. It is quite clear to the listener that she is passionate about nature, and her commitment and good mood cannot help but be contagious. Her graphic background shines through clearly in the beautifully laid out presentation.”

Jørn Christensen
Vestjyske Naturfotografer

“As a lecture organizer, Anja Robanke’s lecture is a great gain. She reaches out widely and affects a large part of the audience, with her uncomplicated and touching storytelling style, which also contains a large amount of humour and self-irony. When I organize a lecture, it is important that people leave the lecture with a good experience. Here, Anja has a style which appeals to most people and which, however, awakens the audience’s emotions. The lecture is seasoned with beautiful images of great quality, both technically and narratively.”

Carsten Krog Pedersen
KANT Festival

“Thank you very much for a lively lecture at the Autocamper fair. It was as if we were with you on the whole trip to Iceland. We would like to put some words on you, what we think you contain as a person. You have a lot to go on. You are welcoming and smiling. You radiate a lot of energy. You have zest for life. You are imaginative. You give a lot of inspiration. You are one of a kind. We can never get enough of you and your wonderful beautiful pictures/videos. Thank you and continue to have a good trip to you and Hugo. Huge recommendation from me.”

Ellen og Leif / Autocampister

“Thank you very much for an inspiring lecture last Saturday at our AFA photo club. You have a personal story to tell and that makes your presentation fully cast. Your free life on the road is documented in a beautifully graphic way via pictures and films, and it also shows that the dissemination of pictures is usually about telling a story and establishing a mood.
Thanks for the inspiration.”

Morten – AFA Photoclub

“Thank you so much, sweetest Anja, for a terrific lecture – you completely nailed it again – I am blown away by your wonderful storytelling ability – your exuberant mood and your authenticity 🙏 you are living your dream – there is no mistaking it. And your stories enchant the audience, so sublimely helped by the most beautiful photos with good effects and sound 🙏 Oh my, I can’t get enough…”

Sofie Ellegaard

A speak with Anja Robanke is honest and inspiring for most people. You simply gain the courage to change the things in life that are no longer right or fun for you. I thought that what Anja conveyed is also about reaching out for what you are really passionate about in life and not letting anything or anyone stop you. In my work as a physical therapist, I encourage my clients to do just that for themselves. The inspiration was twofold for me, as her photos and videos give me even more blood on my teeth to make the dream I have in me come true. Listen to Anja’s story and choose your life – the warmest recommendations from here”

Body therapist, Jeannette Johnsen –

“Participated in the speak at FOF on 29/10 in Vejle. Anja shares her experiences and impressions in an honest and vivid way – completely without a filter. We came around the world accompanied by pictures and experiences from Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Iceland – and not least Denmark. Anja loves nature, and she is good at conveying this love. She is contagious – in a good way. Two days later I stood – armed with various cameras – at 06.30 in the fog in Lille Vildmose and waited for the sun to rise.”

Jens Strandberg

“Calling all adventurers! If you have an adventure in your blood but lack a little inspiration, I can definitely recommend coming to Anja’s lecture and following her social media. It is breathtaking and I would like to warn about strong images….. in an absolutely good way!! I myself am enchanted by the many beautiful birds and nature pictures and occasionally a few pictures of Anja herself appear…. or quite often in fact… and it certainly doesn’t matter… you get happy in the lid of the energy and joy of life she radiates!!”

Heidi Hallengreen Simonsen

“I was lucky enough to see Anja’s speak at a FotoMalia event. It was so cool to “join the journey”, from planning the trip, thinking about places to visit, and then the most beautiful landscape photos I have seen in a long time. Anja’s lecture is a must for anyone who loves to travel, anyone who appreciates a person who lives with an open mind, those who love photography, and for those who want to hear a genuine adventure.
Huge recommendation from me.”

Mads Bo

“Anja’s speech about Iceland is quite simply the best ‘travel-motivation-photography-experience-lecture I have heard in a long time. Anja is a really good storyteller with infectious humour, a nice multimedia presentation, presented with a smile and self-irony. But, above all, she is a fun-loving soul who simply loves life and experiences in nature – and loves to share it with us.”

Henrik Sørensen

“Thank you very much for your exciting speak at the library, about your life on the road. You are a fantastic communicator. Of experiences, preparations, considerations, your job and your free time in the camper. The fact that you show the best photos and drone images in the speech puts the icing on the cake. Thank you for your positive and honest being”

Karin Sandal Møller Pedersen, Gram Bibliotek