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The 4th year starts today with motorhome and life on rolling wheels. I do not understand where the time went!

Three years ago, I drove with my uncle Lars to Zealand to look at two motorhomes. And I ended up buying Bumle home from Solrød!

I clearly remember how it gave sucking in my stomach when I drove over the Great Belt Bridge in my big new home and office! I could feel the adventures were on the way and it was an exciting time I went to meet!

The months that followed were intense and everything was sold out and ready for adventure.

It’s a little unreal that I’m already starting my fourth year. I have been through an incredible number of wonderful experiences, seen and experienced and felt more alive. And yes I have been self-employed for 3 years too. That in itself has been a wild journey and still is. Being able to navigate between work and leisure is an art that many self-employed people can nod in recognition of. And how to make money and how to roll your whole life.

But my ‘Work and Travel’ was born and I would not do anything else if I could swap!

There have also been bumps in the road, for no life is pink. And that’s also the picture I want to draw. Even though I live my dream life, I may also think Monday morning can be difficult. Or have the heartbeat over whether what I do is right… And I know it is, but the uncertainty can always just appear. And if what I do is good enough… Am I good enough… And then I breathe and get imagined that I am a badass and I have to be proud of where I have come to and what I have achieved.


All in all, I am happy and very satisfied in my life choices

Top 3

Let’s make a top 3 on the best experiences and top 3 on the not so good!

Let’s start with the not-so-good ones; for good things also come out of the not-so-good ones, even though you may not see it right away.

3. Pee in the basement… yes because that was what it was!

I was up and nighttime and I did not get to flush my toilet paper out but closed the damper (that was when I was a beginner and did not know the damper should be open when I peed)

Well, but now there was toilet paper in a pinch. So when I peed in the morning, it ran past and down the bottom of the car. So when I drove on and sat in the setting sun in Spain in my old Bumle, it suddenly smelled a LOT of pee … and it had run all the way down to my ‘basement’ (it was two-bound) So me having everything out and get it all washed off and scrubbed through. Shit, it stank of pee for a few days and I washed it several times with chlorine.

I have this story in my children’s books, but not in such detail! Haha… And that was the way I met Frank Gratis when I got his chlorine 😂😂 Since then I have peed with the damper open 😂

But the good thing about having pee in the basement was that I got to know Frank Gratis. An amazingly funny and glorious man and he has also contributed to my children’s book.

2. When I drove into a tree in Slovenia

Bumle and I were in Slovenia when a car came driving towards me, so just got over in my lane … so I had to slow down a lot and roll away off the road, so I drove the alcove into a branch on a tree … it cost over 100,000 in the new alcove for Bumle.

The good thing about it … Well … I got a new alcove and I survived 😉

1. Broken ankle

And we must not forget when I broke my ankle in Iceland … Yes it was ass annoying and it totally changed my trip. But my little brother came and helped me home with Hugo on the ferry.

The good thing about this experience was that I have rescued a cute parrot cub! And on top of that, I met some new people who helped me on my way and it has created a bond that I would not have had without a broken ankle.

And what is the status of that ankle??
I would say it goes, but it does not go great, but it does not go really bad either. So really it’s just going … and I’m looking forward to the fall when I get home, so I’ll have the metal plate and screws out. I hear some feel stronger because they’ve got that metal in. But I can feel it all the time and in doing so, I have two screws that look like they are on their way out through the skin, so I’m insanely scared to wiggle.

Top 3 best things

3. People I have met and infinitely cool experiences

I have met some people in these 3 years who have been given a special place with me. I have met people that I have been with for 1 day or 1 hour that I will remember and conversations and lessons along the way. I think it’s amazing how helpful and loving people are. Then you should read along out there, so thank you for you and you!

My travels, especially my trip to Iceland have meant a lot to me. That country has something magical and has hit me that I did not think was possible for a country 😉 I can without hesitation say “I love Iceland” And I look forward to coming back!

2. Speaks and children’s books

That I have started giving lectures and I have made 3 children’s books. Something I had never guessed before I started this adventure. I love that doors open and opportunities emerge.

I think it’s so cool that I’ve already come this far in 3 years!

1. Believe in myself

The coolest thing about the 3 years is an I follow my dream and am true to some of the things I dream about. I still have dreams and wishes for the future. But I am thankful that I have listened to ME and I am in the process of realising a lot of them!


I look back on the last three years with pride in what I have achieved, not only started independently as a graphic designer and photographer, I also give lectures now and three grandchildren come on the streets so can inspire the little people to adventure.

In addition, I am glad that people feel like ‘booking my time’ to get a 1: 1 sparring. I think it’s a wild feeling that I’m in a place in my life now where I can pass on so much to others! It is very grateful!

I have several times in the last time got so many good words along the way about how I inspire and I think it is great to see more and more people follow their dreams of life on the road. Thank you to those who have sent your thanks

This status ended just a little emotionally charged. But I must admit that it bothers me that I feel through you that I make a difference for some. Maybe not that you land in a motorhome or Van. But that you stop and listen to some of the dreams you have and act!

I’m proud of us! We have to pat ourselves on the shoulder !!

Now I want to roll on here in Spain!
Rolling greetings

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


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