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I had a wonderful morning with my new Platy pod and camera gear, lying on my stomach by the lake and 1000 pictures later…

… And 50 videos…

I have clipped some of the videos together here for a 2 minute mood with music on. I enjoy making video with the new Canon R5. It offers several options that I did not see in my old camera at all. 

If anyone should be in doubt, then I must shout; I LOVE my new camera!

And besides that, one of my Patreons has given me a Christmas present. He has seen my joy in lying on the ground a lot. So have given me these “racks”. They are so smart. I used the big one of them today, and I could get right down to earth.

You can read more about it here:


As I wrote, of course, I also took a lot of pictures – here are the best ones. 

Well satiated and happy I go to bed after the whole day has been about ducks – pictures and video of ducks… editing and clipping 🙂

Rolling rap greetings

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