My camping gear

Now I am on the road 24/7, so I have camping equipment with me on my travels. On this page, you can get an overview of what I use …

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Grill: Cadac safari chef 2

Jetboil Minimo

I have two Stanly Thermo cups – I love them

Omnia Oven with accessories 


– 100% organisk toilet fluid

I have to highlight this product. I’ve been using it for some time now and I’m speechless about how good it is. And it can be used for several things – they call it a 4i1.

The liquid is made exclusively from natural ingredients with fresh aromas from essential oils extracted from eucalyptus, pine and mint.

Solbio is a brand-new groundbreaking toilet liquid that is 100% biodegradable and contains no chemicals. Solbio is expensive to use and thus a benefit for both the environment and the wallet. It breaks down faeces and toilet paper super well. I am amazed at how well it smells and keeps air nuisance away. It can be used both in the toilet and for cleaning, in the waste tank and the wastewater tank.