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A new everyday life starts for me in the new year. After over 10 years of dreaming about having my own dog, the day has finally come when I can soon welcome a new friend into my life.

For years I have dreamed of having my own dog, a faithful companion on my adventures and travels. This dream only got bigger when in 2019 I took the plunge and sold everything to live life on the road in a motorhome. I have had the pleasure of experiencing fantastic destinations and unforgettable moments on my journey, and I would love to share that with a canine travel companion.

From dream to reality

My dream of having a dog began over 10 years ago. I dreamed of the perfect dog, a companion that would be kind to people and animals, learn tricks and not trap, so it would be easier to keep the camper clean.

When I started living on the road in 2019, I decided to postpone the dream of having a dog. I wanted to see how RV life would work without a four-legged friend. I drove thousands of miles and visited incredible places, but something was always missing. The dream of a dog, my companion, kept calling.

The question and the surprise that changed everything

After driving in my motorhome, Bumle, for 1.5 years, I met TJ Camper and drove in their Ilusion motorhome, Hugo. There I put the dream on standby, as the Hugo was not my own car and I had the feeling that I had a lot in my life. But as time went on, the dream grew more and more.

I decided to take the next step and ask TJ Camper about the possibility of having a dog in their RV. I was prepared for a no, but to my great joy and surprise I got a hearty YES! The door was now open to getting a dog and the opportunity really felt like a dream come true.

The choice of Bichon Havanais – a well-considered decision

I have spent hours researching different dog breeds to find the perfect companion for my adventures. I was looking for a dog that didn’t shed, but instead needed to be clipped. My future dog should be intelligent, willing to train and loving towards both people and animals. And not least, the size had to be suitable for life in a motorhome.

After careful consideration and research, I chose a Bichon Havanais. This wonderful breed met all my criteria and fit perfectly into my life on the road.

Joy and anticipation – the future with my Bichon Havanais

The joy is overwhelming and it tickles my stomach when I think about the future with my Bichon Havanais. I am excited to share my travels and experiences with my four-legged companion and in the future we shall experience together.

This is not just a spontaneous decision, but a well-considered dream that comes true after several years on the road. I am grateful for the opportunity and the amazing people who made it possible.

Big day today

I am on the puppy list with a wonderful breeder, Dorthe from HavaByBlessings. Today was the big day when I visited her in Kerteminde and the 3-week-old puppies. I have been waiting anxiously to greet the little puppies. And not least choosing my little bitch.

I knew they were small, but actually sitting by them, wow, so cute and soft and sweet. They have eyes and can walk a little. I had some lovely time with them and I got to choose my future puppy, my pet companion, my travel companion, and my adventure dog.

The meaning of the name to me

And she has been named Núna. Which is Icelandic and means ‘Right now’. It started when I was at my friend Lene’s place in Iceland this summer, she had made a nice skin, where she had written some words on the back, in Icelandic. As I tried to read it aloud and when I came to the word Núna, I could feel something happening inside me and asked Lene what it meant. Lene replied so nicely that it meant “NOW”.

3 seconds later looked at her and said “Okay, it’s going to be my future dog”. At that time, I didn’t know when I was going to have a dog, I just knew that she had to be called that someday ❤️ But that TJ Camper said yes and it’s all worked out now, it’s just lucky and maybe there’s a meaning with it all. Anyway, I’m happy.

For me, it means that we are in the present, we live in the present and dare to be here now. Gratitude in the present. And Núna must help reinforce it with me.

And I’m already looking forward to seeing her again on December 23.

Work and gear

I have chosen to go all out with work in the last months so that with a clear conscience I can pick her up in week 4 and thus cut back on work for a few weeks so that we get the best start on our life together on the road.

Now you know I love stuff, so of course I bought her stuff too. I’m not quite finished with the site yet, but you are welcome to see what bed etc. I have bought 🙂

Thank you for following along on my journey and I am really looking forward to sharing this new and exciting time with you all! I sense a lot of dog owners and interest out there.

Rolling greetings

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