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I love gear, and so do they at TJ Camper. So we have stuffed well with things on Hugo so that it all gives me a good life on the road.

There can be advertising collaboration on some products.

Since November 13th, I have had the pleasure of driving around Hugo. I have entered into a lease agreement with TJ Camper for 2 years.

He is an Ilusion XMK in 590 FT. You can read much more about him on his own page HERE
But besides, he has this page, and I will in this post elaborate a little more about the things he is equipped with.

Solar cells, batteries and inverter

As a graphic designer and photographer on the road, something important to me is the power to charge all my electrical things.

I have 3 solar panels by TJ Campers own import, where 2 lithium batteries are installed: Topband LiFePo4 100 Ah with Bluetooth. And an inverter: Pro User Ren Sinus inverter 1500W. Tj Camper has installed extra sockets for 220V power, so I will not lack power in some places in Hugo.

I turn my teeth off during the day when I sit and work. Since one must keep in mind that the inverter also uses power. So I give it a break between the charges on my computer when I sit and work intensely.

I am often asked how long it lasts. It is so hard to answer, as I sometimes work at the computer 16 hours a day and other times I am a lot out in nature.

Since it was cash rain and cloudy in the beginning, I had to let in occasionally, but in this time, where there is good sun, it is rarely necessary. And for me, it’s the ultimate freedom.

It just has to be said that he also charges the batteries when we drive. It takes approx. 8 hours to charge them. And then it does not matter if I drive 30 km / h or 100 km / h

You can always take a chat with TJ Camper about which solution YOU need for YOUR needs.

I have subsequently had Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart installed 🙂 And that’s smart. There’s Bluetooth in it. Then I can keep an eye on whether my solar cells are charging, and I can see how many days/hours I have left on my batteries. I love this feature, and it makes it much easier for me if I can see I need to go in and have power somewhere.

NX-10 complete alarm package

The alarm system is a theft, gas and smoke alarm in one. The complete package I have installed on Hugo consists of a control panel, floor sensor, and a central unit to connect several accessories.

The alarm system has a built-in GSM transmitter and GPS receiver, which is used by the built-in NX Buddy service, which you access via your smartphone, and which i.a. makes it possible to get an alarm alert directly on your smartphone as well as GPS tracking of your vehicle in case of theft. Or, in my case, someone can access the app and always see where I am – in case something should happen.

NX-10 alarm package incl. Modem, 1 pc. Gas sensor, 1 pc. Siren, 2 pcs. Exterior
motion sensors, 2 pcs. Magnetic switch for door and a window, and 2 pcs. Remote control for switching the alarm on / off. It can be easily expanded with additional accessories.

When I go to sleep, I turn on the gas, CO2 and smoke alarm, as well as the motion sensors, but if I keep a place where I do not stay next to others, then it may end up that the alarm goes off if the neighbour staring quietly outside his carriage. But when I’m in the woods and other “deserted” places, I put it on. It is important to mount the sensor away was fired as mine initially sat close, and it activated it in between. So keep that in mind when you install it. We have now sat up there in front of the door.

When I have to leave the car, it is easy to press the remote control and thus know that there is an alarm/siren that sounds if someone gets into the car.

Extra security locks on all 5 doors

I have received 2 pcs Heosafe Locks at the front doors & 3 pcs. IMC Créations – one at the ‘front door’ and one on each side of the garage doors. It gives an extra reassurance that my things are safe when I’m not in Hugo. Maybe hiking or shopping groceries.

And I use it at the front door some nights too. The one by the front door is smart because I can lock it from the inside.

MAXXFan Deluxe automatic roof fan

In January 2022, I installed this MAXXfan Deluxe, because there you get a perfect alternative to a roof-mounted air conditioner. MAXXFan Deluxe is thermostatically controlled and can be left open while driving, even if it is raining. MAXXFAN Deluxe can run two-way, ie both blow and suck air – depending on needs and wishes. There is step-less control of the speed via the included remote control. In the event of a power failure, it is also possible to operate the fan manually.

I’m really looking forward to having this solution on Hugo until I hit the heat of the south this summer 🙂

Reich outlet with outside shower

I am very much into nature, and I have plucked shoes that can easily just be waxed clean. But I also got a new hobby where I am out snorkelling. So it is nice both to rinse my suit for saltwater, me, and my fleet, veneer and snorkel.

Mine is installed inside the garage, close to the lighthouse, so I’m sure it’s not freezing until winter.

Reich outlet with outside shower

Radio / GPS / Rear View Camera

I have this installed: Pioneer Avic-Evo1-DT2 CAN
(note this Fits Fiat Ducato model 290)

5 year Map update included

  • A first-class AV navigation system
  • 7 ″ touch screen
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Prepared for Android Auto
  • Bluetooth for music streaming
  • Voice control with Danish speech
  • Wireless telephony
  • DVD / CD drives can be purchased.

You can read much more technical data HERE

Or you can watch a YouTube video HERE

WIFI System

This Wi-Fi extender should help me abroad where I do not have much data available. And thereby can avail me that the free Wi-Fi with greater distance.

Those of you who have filled me back with Bumle on a trip down through Europe also know well, I kept all the way up and down, e.g. Lidl and other supermarkets, to be able to be lucky to pull their Wi-Fi.

With this EZ Wi-Fi Hotspot Extender, I should be able to keep my distance and still be able to pull it. But I can also use it when I stay in a driveway with friends and family. As long as I get the code, I can come up with it.

You can read in much more detail HERE

Thule Omnistor awning

It is with a white box and Alaska grey tablecloth. It can be used when there is sun and I want to sit in the shade, rain if it is warm enough and would like to be outside. It can be used in the evening to screen against the dew that falls.

All in all, it can screen off when I want to extend my time outside.

LPG – Solid bottled gas

There are not many places you can get filled up with gas here in Denmark, which is quite expensive. In addition, I travel to Iceland now for 3,5 months, which does not have that option at all. So have deliberately chosen to wait for that installation. However, as I imagine driving to Spain next winter, it has been prepared for it to become topical.

It will be an 11 kg tank bottle with an external filling nozzle.

You can read the blog post I made when I got it installed in Bumle if you want to know more. It’s pretty smart, and is a big fan of it. Read the blog post HERE

You can get help to get solid-gas installed at TJ camper.

Outdoor foil for the windows

I wear this to keep warm and my windows are not misted at the bottom. I use this Cantop

Alpine DVR-F800PRO dashboard camera with gps and lane assist

This DVR-F800PRO camera from Alpine continuously records the view through the vehicle’s windshield. The camera, therefore, acts as the driver’s sharp-sighted support on the road and helps to avoid accidents. Furthermore, the camera includes driver support that warns, e.g. in the event of crossing roadways and the event of a risk of collision with the oncoming car. You can choose between the continuous or manual recording of the ride. In addition, you can see where you have driven, as the built-in GPS records the route you have driven.

If the car is hit, or that burglary or vandalism is committed when the vehicle is parked, this will be recorded. The camera is equipped with an accident shooting mode that automatically saves the footage from traffic accidents. In addition, there is high HDMI quality on the recordings, both during the day and at night.

With the camera app, you can view, download and delete recordings.

alpine-DVR F800PRO-dashcam


My friend has sewn curtains for me with upholstery fabric to make them more durable. Inside there is Thermolam to insulate. Among other things. To keep the heat inside, it is also effective for keeping the heat out on hot days. And inside, it is mounted as previously written Thermolam. Both fabric and insulation are purchased in Fabric and Style.

Yes, I smile 🙂 because I like stuff in every way. And I love that.
Hope you got a little wiser on mine on Hugo.

But if you want knowledge about other stuff I have then you can read about it on this page HERE

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