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by | Jun 26, 2022 | Photograpy, Spain

I thought it was… because yesterday I met this fantastic little thing 🙂 I’m in the mountains in the Pyrenees in Spain and I was sitting and photographing some butterflies when this little fellow stopped by 🙂 I got so surprised and my first thought was ‘what is this??!! I had never seen or heard about it – so for me, this was a new experience 🙂 I was thrilled 🙂

I didn’t have it for a long time… then it was gone again and after it went away I was thinking ‘Did this happen or did I dream?’ but luckily enough I have some pictures so it’s true I met this fantasy animal 🙂

I ask you all on my story what it was and wauw so many of you met it before 😂 So I got the name of it on several languages 💪🏼 

Hummingbird hawk-moth
Kacsafarkú szender
Macroglossum stellatarum
Större dagsvärmare

Thanks for joining this, when I ask – It’s fun 🙂 And I appreciated every one of it 🙂

It is a butterfly. The species is named for its similarity to hummingbirds, as they feed on the nectar of tube-shaped flowers using their long ‘thing’ while hovering in the air.

Info about it

The Hummingbird hawk-moth is a nocturnal butterfly, but it flies during the day. Pigeon tails hover in the air as they suck nectar from flowers with their long suction beaks. Pigeon tails are found in areas with snarls and wildflowers. The butterfly is seen on slopes, fields, meadows and in gardens. The adult butterfly sucks nectar in flowers. The larvae feed on the plant snarl.


Canon EOS R5 + RF 100+500mm
1/800 sec, f7.1 ISO 800

I was so wildly excited to meet it that I just had to make a post about this little guy 🙂

Adventurous and imaginative greetings from the Pyrenees 🙂

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


(Only in danish)

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