My outdoorgear


Here you can get an overview of what I have bought of clothes and gear over time

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Snow Cardigan Women

Snow Cardigan Women

Keb Trousers Regular Women

Snow Cardigan Women

The story of me and my outdoor clothes

For me, outdoor clothing has become a regular part of my everyday life and has been since I bought a pair of Fjällräven Vidda Pro bukser at Friluftslageret and now my entire wardrobe has been replaced with outdoor clothing. I went to Iceland in 2016 with my first pair of Fjällräven trousers, and I became addicted to Iceland, but also the outdoor clothing. Since 2016, I have been a fixture at Friluftslageret, where I have always received good service and advice for my adventures. I really want to learn from myself with the knowledge that I have gained through my everyday life. I have become part of ‘OUR FRIENDS’ at Friluftslageret, and I am very happy about that. I would like to share more about the knowledge that I have gained over the years with the outdoor clothing that I wear. And yes, there will be an advertising link occasionally, but the focus for me is that I can share a good message with my favourite store. If I can also inspire more people to get out into nature, then it is a win-win for me. And then it’s no secret that I love stuff – good stuff. I grew up with good quality. So my position is – a little, but good!


The pants have a very different function for me

I have a great weakness for Fjällräven, for I have never been disappointed and they work for all my needs. I have pants for nice use, like when I visit my clients and give speaks. Then I have pants for everyday life in the motorhome when I shop and meet with friends and family. And also, I have the pants, which are completely out in nature, where I roll in mud … no, that may not be exactly what I do, but I lie down a lot and take photos. And I actually still own my first pair of pants, which have been to Iceland seven times now!

Here you can see how much I enjoy my practical clothes

Middle layer

I’m fairly new to investing in t-shirts. Why I haven’t done it before, I really wonder why I have so much other outdoor clothing. I have chosen some of them in merino wool. They are thin and I am actually sitting in one of them at the time of writing in very hot weather, without feeling that it is too hot. And then I love the wool’s property of being odourless.

The sweaters are for days when the wool is too warm. And over the summer I just missed these 🙂


Abisko Cool T-Shirt Women(Mustard Yellow)


1960 Logo T-Shirt Women(Spicy Orange)


Merino Sport 120 V-Neck Short Sleeve Women (Twilight Blue)


Merino Sport 120 V-Neck Short Sleeve Women (Light Mahogany Heather)


Vardag Sweater Women


Betula Jacket Women

My wool sweaters

I do not know what I would do without my wool. Wool has so many positive properties! But for me, the most important thing is that I am warm. Wool also warms even when wet. You can wear it for a long time without smelling sweaty, and it does not need to be washed as often.

My Icelandic sweater

I bought my first Icelandic sweater in Iceland in 2017, but I, unfortunately, lost it in a bathroom in Germany a few years later. My sweet friend Helena Ivalo Arensbak, who is a hardcore knitter, made me a beautiful Icelandic sweater. It is very large, so I use it when it is VERY cold, and there I can have many layers underneath. When I came back to Iceland in 2021, I had to go out and have a new one. I bought all my jerseys at Álafoss

My outerwear

It’s the last layer I have besides my clothes. And it has to be used properly. It took me a while to figure out that I needed more jackets – for different needs. My shell jacket has really been used a lot, maybe too much too. Because I could have relieved it by wearing my down jacket or my cotton jacket. But luckily I get wiser with time!

Shell jacket

The shell, as I have now, was purchased in 2018 and it is used. But I have taken good care of it with wash-care products, so it is still waterproof. I love its fit and pockets that I can still access when I carry the photo bag on. I also love that it’s pretty quiet. However, the next one should not be blue, as many animals are not bothered by that colour.

Down jacket

I bought this jacket in the winter of 2022 and I have lived in it. It weighs nothing and is so nice and warm. I needed a little color in my wardrobe as everything is toned down so I can blend more into nature, but this one has given me joy.

Cotton jacket

I bought this jacket in 2021 after watching live streaming from Friluftslageret about jackets and their functions. I use it when it’s not raining. There is good breathability, and depending on the weather I have different intermediate layers.

My nice jacket

Yes, it happens that I have to be nice if I am invited out. There I have chosen this jacket, which is also G1000 and nice and warm.

Footwear and wool socks

I have always had good footwear throughout life. I never chose cheap plastic shoes. I want leather and something where I feel my foot thrives and can breathe. I have Hanwag støvler and Teva sandaler, as outdoor footwear. However, I can not walk in my Hanwag boots at the moment as I broke my ankle and got a metal plate and screws inserted. So I’m really looking forward to getting it out so I can get back in my beloved boots. I must have found myself a good hiking shoe for those days when the boot is too hot and the sandal too cool. I laugh a little at myself because I have a sea of ​​different socks, but they are all from Smartwool. I have not shown at all the different ones that I have. These are just to show a little difference. However, the fonts also colour every year. I mean, I bought my first wool socks in 2018. And I’ve only thrown one pair out since I started with Smartwool. I have them in all thicknesses and variants because I also use them in my sneakers and for everyday use.

Black Diamond – Distance FLZ Trekking Poles

I bought these last year and mostly because I’m struggling with my knee/meniscus. I often hike with a heavy camera bag, so there was a photographer who told me that I would relieve my knee and back. There are several pluses to using staves. But the downside for me is that if I go with a camera as well, they are a bit in the way. But then it’s great that they can be folded and weigh nothing.

“I never freeze on my feet after getting wool socks. Now I go in wool all year – my sweaters are wool sweaters too. Wool is my friend.”