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As an environmentally conscious camper, you may have already heard of Solbio, a toilet fluid.. I have been using Solbio for over 3 years now and I can honestly say that I have never been happier with a toilet fluid. Here are some of the compelling reasons why Solbio has won my heart and trust:

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Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

One of the things I love most about Solbio is its 100% organic composition. This toilet liquid is made exclusively from natural raw materials such as plant extracts, lemon juice, essential oils and soap substances of natural origin. It leaves no harmful chemical deposits in either the waste tank or the environment.

Solbio is EEC 834/2007 and 889/2008 approved and tested by CUC.


Solbio is more than just an ordinary toilet liquid. I use it for more than just the toilet:

  • The toilet tank: Solbio ensures that unpleasant odors or deposits do not occur in the tank. And if there is a faint smell, I just give it another squeeze in the tank. It breaks down biological waste and toilet paper, making emptying super easy. They say you should use 40 ml of Solbio per 20 liters of tank content and add 2 liters of water. But personally, I add a touch from the start and have dropped it with the water, and then I can possibly come up with 2-3 days later give it a little more squeeze.
  • Toilet cleaner: A bit of Solbio in warm water and you have the perfect cleaning agent for the toilet. And it is super effective against limescale. I remember how my old cassette at Bumle was full of lime deposits, which I could see became clean after some time with Solbio.
  • Waste/grey water tank: Solbio prevents sewage odors and deposits. They write that you must use 40 ml of Solbio per 50 liter tank content for cleaning the waste water tank. But then again, I have a slightly relaxed relationship with it with quantities, so it gets a little less and then small shades in between. I pour it down the drains – both in the kitchen and bath.

Easy to use and economical

Solbio is incredibly gentle, meaning you only need a small amount to achieve effective results. A bottle of Solbio contains a whopping 1.6 litres, which corresponds to 40 dosages. This makes it not only practical but also economically sound as you don’t need to replace it as often.

Safety and good smell

Solbio is safe to use around children and pets as it does not contain harmful chemicals. I find it has a pleasant natural scent of nature that leaves my home fresh and inviting.

My personal recommendation

After using Solbio for years, I can honestly say that it is the best solution for environmentally conscious campers. I love the idea of contributing to a sustainable future whenever possible and there is a choice. If you haven’t tried Solbio yet, I think it’s time to give it a try and let yourself be convinced. I have never regretted or used anything else since my first time.

I also think it’s a cool wrapper, as it’s like wine. It never drips. I only made a fool of myself once and it was totally my own fault. It was dark and I know my camper inside and out. I had just peed and thought I’d give it a little squeeze and then I hadn’t noticed that the lid to the toilet had come down, so I splashed the liquid over the lid, I was so tired of it in the middle of the night, but mine got clean Toilet. And now, fortunately, I can only laugh about it 🙂

You can buy Solbio at TJ Camper’s webshop Camper Shop. Just click the button and you’ll get in there.

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