The contrasts in Norway: From spring to snow – and back

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After exploring the southern part of Norway, we decided to drive further north.

When Freecamping Challenges

On the way to a new place to spend the night, we came across our first ‘real’ waterfall. To me, a ‘real’ waterfall is one that has more volume than just a few jets running down some rocks. A waterfall that really gushes and lives up to the Norwegian name “foss”.

I had marked three places on the map where it might be possible to spend the night, but the first was blocked with a chain and stones, the next also had stones for it, and at the third camping was prohibited.

So I continued and eventually found a spot close to a power station, a little off the road. Here we decided to settle down (The last picture). We had reached the heights where it was colder and spring seemed to have disappeared. The morning was strange – no birdsong at all. It was an eerie silence and I couldn’t help but wonder if the power plant had something to do with it.

Voluntarily Up in the Snow

Although it was voluntary, it was a very special experience to drive from an early spring into the snow. I felt like a little girl on Christmas Eve for a while. Núna had a party and played in the snow and we found a beautiful place to spend the night. We were still heading south on Route 450. Here’s a link to Google Maps if you’re interested

The place is free to stay and the view is fantastic. There were only two other cars while we were there so it was nice and peaceful. After a few days in the cold, we headed down again.

We took the ferry from Lauvvik to Oanes for NOK 250.

Magical Fairytale Forest

When we arrived at the Fairytale Forest, it was raining non-stop, but the atmosphere was so fantastic that I had to wear my rain gear and take pictures. I love the special mood that rain can create. The rest of the day we had fun editing for YouTube.

The next morning, Núna and I went into the Adventure Forest, and it was a really wonderful experience! The atmosphere of the forest was completely unique, and I felt enchanted by all the beauty around me. The moisture in the air made everything so fresh. You could constantly hear the roar of the water and birds chirping. Moss and fir needles on the ground created a magical atmosphere.

The fairy forest is about using your imagination and opening your senses and letting your inner child unfold. You can also enjoy the fantastic wooden figures made by the woodcarver Eldfinn Austigard. On the walk around the forest you meet characters from fairy tales and legends.

The round trip is 3 km from the car and back again. I spent a little over an hour, and the trip is 129 meters in height in terrain with roots and bridges 🌱

Pure enjoyment with reflections

This gem left me speechless. As I drove down from the main road, I was at a loss for words. Because hold on, it was so beautiful. The water was completely still and I got some nice reflections. I’m just throwing in a stack of pictures from both camera and drone.

The day passed quickly and I decided to stay one more night. I could have stayed there for a week if I didn’t have commitments. What a view from the first floor. I met some nice Norwegians who invited me to pil-selv shrimp. We had a lovely day and before they drove off they gave me the rest of the prawns and a bottle of wine so I had another feast the next day.

I also had Núna bathed and cut for this beautiful outdo. The tranquility of such a place is really good for the soul and creativity. And gives me some good energy.

There is also work to be done

When I’m not on adventures and sharing my experiences on social media like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, I also have to work to earn money for diesel, dog food and ferries 😉. It always happens at my computer, and lately the weather has been great, so I’ve been enjoying a few hours outdoors when I’m not editing photos.

One day I was working in Røldal right next to the stave church, so I had to go there a few times and enjoy it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t open until today, May 19, but I’m already a long way from there.

The last few weeks have been full of great contrasts. I have experienced spring several times, when we have been up in the mountains, where spring had not yet come. Norway is really winning my heart with its beauty that exceeds all my expectations.

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