I met the “wild” horses in Gribskov

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6 km, nice and big area, wild horses and a lot of rain was what my day stood for yesterday

Yesterday I went out to find the “wild” Icelandic horses in Gribskov. It is a nice big area they have and it clearly warms my animal heart.


I went and went and I manage to see 9 pcs. I sat on a hill opposite them and enjoyed them while they grazed ????

All of a sudden in the distance a young horse came walking very purposefully towards me. Even though I’m used to horses, my heart rate rose.


As you can see in the video, it wanted to greet me and also like to have had a bite of my camera.

I managed to get some pictures but would have liked to have stayed longer …

BUT the sky opened up. And I was not dressed for it at all, so I had to run back to Bumle.

However, I had a really nice experience and I will come back one day where I can sit for a little longer and get some wonderful experiences and pictures.

The horses are no more wild than they go in a fence (a big one), so if you want to go for a walk in this beautiful area and see them, click the button:

The photos were taken with Canon 5D3 + Canon 100-400mm, as well as iPhone 11 Pro Max 🙂

I really enjoy experiencing Denmark and have found a wonderful peace that I know I will stay for some time. But it also doesn’t matter, I’m only 40 years old and have plenty of years left to experience the world ??

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