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UPDATED the 13th February
(This blogpost is originally from the 9th November):
I have been looking forward to sharing my travel dreams for the next trip. The trip goes over east on, and I have for several years wanted to explore some more of Europe where I have not been before.

It will be a more extended trip than the others. If all goes well, then I dream of about six months. And everything is still on the drawing board. But I picked the countries. But if Hugo drives to the right, then I follow … Especially if it’s about a bear 😉

But below are the countries I think I should visit on this trip.

(And good tips are wished down in the comments field)

Lande jeg regner med at besøge








Ukraine – Want to experience Chernobyl
(But only if there is peace)

But why 6 months?

I want to experience being away for a long time. Now I have been on 3-3.5 month trips. And I have lived in a motorhome for 2.5 years. I have gotten used to it, and so do I, friends and family have too. So to be able to do more ‘slow travel’, I will try a long journey. Again, I’m open and not locking myself in entirely yet. But the desire to get going and take the job once again is excellent.

What do I dream of experiencing?

Lots of wildlife and animals. I just bought a new drone (DJI Mavic 3) so I have to go out and fly. But I also want to ride in some wild mountains and see beautiful views. I have to photograph animals, lots of animals. I dream of bears, wolves, lynx, owls and many other beautiful creatures. But the bear is on the top list. And preferably in Romania. I have from good sources that it should be a wonderful bear country.

I start by rolling very directly towards Croatia. I will spend the winter primarily in Croatia to keep us away from the frozen mountains. But visit nature parks, small villages and eat local food.

When it all starts to get warmer, I would like to spend some time in Romania, which is insanely beautiful. And I have a wonderful friend who lives here in Denmark who comes from there, so must experience it. They should also have such fantastic wildlife. Poland is also a country I am looking forward to in terms of nature and wildlife.

Work and travel

I have to get better to tell people that I am working on my trips. Because in Iceland, I did not have many assignments for clients.

But my whole life is that I take the work as a graphic designer and made everything from logos, brochures and websites. You can see more about what I can help you with here on my graphics page.

I have a feeling that customers, possibly. You did not want to disturb me when I travel. But I have to work all the time. Also so I not only get a job when I am in Denmark. So finally book me or recommend me to those you know 🙂

What about your ankle?

It’s okay under the circumstances. I usually walk and get more and longer walks now. BUT I need to have the metal plate and screws removed by the fall. And I look forward to that. Since I have a screw that sits very close under the skin.

But I am in good spirits and getting the best out of these months. And I’ve found a boot I can keep warm in and keep going out without it hurting.

If you have good tips and tricks – let me know!

I am actually with no clue. I do not know much about these countries and would very much like good tips and advice for lovely nature areas, national parks 🙂 Maybe you ate in a great place, or there was a nature campsite that I must not miss? If there were any mountain passes, I should see or avoid, please write them down. But if you have been in hiding (with animals) in a good place, then finally tell where and if it was good.

I’m leaving in the end of January 🙂

Rolling greetings

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


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