The ferry trip from Denmark to Iceland

by | Jun 6, 2021 | Iceland, Journey, Travel tips, Update, Video, YouTube

I have landed well in Iceland, and with a successful quarantine, I have now moved on to adventure.

The ferry ride actually went okay. It was mostly from the Faroe Islands to Iceland, and I was a little pressured over the waves. I slept a lot on the trip, and the time actually went okay. I took some seasickness pills, which probably also dulled me. But enjoyed being a little offline and just sleeping 😉

When I landed in Iceland, I started by driving straight down to the hotel in Djúpivogur, where I had rented a small cottage from Hotel Future to my quarantine. So here I was to be until my test answer had come and hopefully was negative. I weighted this place as it only costs 500, -. I had picked up prices for it in the area by the ferry, and they took 1500 – for an overnight stay. And then it’s beautiful there.

As everyone on the ferry had tested negative, the three days also counted as quarantine, so I already received an SMS from the Icelandic authorities the next day late in the evening that I could come again the next day and be tested at noon.

I drove the beautiful trip back to Egilsstaðir, where I got my test and then drove along the fjords back to the citizens. When I got back to the hotel, I waited anxiously while working on getting answers to my test.

And already this evening I received an answer that it was negative. But, nevertheless, I was jubilantly happy and knew that I could already go on an adventure the next day.

I have collected a video here on YouTube where you can see my ferry crossing from I leave Denmark until I land in Iceland.

Now the trip is really underway, and much more about it later 🙂

Rolling greetings from 9 degrees and woollen clothes

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