Lille Vildmose took me by storm

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Jons Beyer my photo buddy was up there before me and had already experienced a lot the days before so I was excited ????

I came Thursday night and we drove out to experience the sunset of the bog and I got the atmosphere under the skin. Then we drove to the shelter, which is in the bog to spend the night. Where I actually met a fox and had to scream a little when it was dark and was just about to pee?

A small YouTube video was also created

Before the blog post starts with a lot of pictures, I would like to share that I made a small video too, which can be viewed on YouTube

Pictures from the trip

But most of all I got to take over 3000 pictures and here is a small selection of them ????

Then it started right. My first morning magically started with morning ice.




We drove around a bit in the marsh where we had the pleasure of this moose for a while. It was completely quiet, except for the birds. I get goosebumps from such experiences. And those who know me, know I love such moods with fog / haze.

The fox cubs can melt any animal lover


Then we drove over to the fox grave, where we were lucky after a few hours of waiting for mother fox to come home with food for them ☀️



When I saw these cubs, there were only words like “awww”, “nåååårghh”, “they are cute”, “how fluffy they are”:-) I was completely sold. And I enjoyed every minute they were out of the grave and especially when mom fox came with prey. Because then there was life and action 🙂

I think birds of prey are so beautiful and this is the first time I have been so close to one before. This reed hawk sat so nicely and looked around for a while. And wauw… the pulse was well up and I felt SO lucky.




The big reason I wanted to go up to Lille Vildmose was the elk. I had seen some other of my nature photographer friends on Facebook / Instagram had been up to photograph it – I could feel that I wanted to, too. And we are lucky, in fact, of several rounds, which you can also see in YouTube video.

I was in no way disappointed. We got so many experiences with them! And some really close!


The sea eagle is also up there and we saw it then, but far away? But proof I should have, so here it is ????

And we were so lucky to photograph this beautiful blue neck. It is really nice and has a beautiful song.

There are many birds up there and I would like to photograph some more next time I get up there.

In search of the hunter

While driving around in the marsh, we met mum fox hunting and we followed her along for some time while she was hunting and eating a lot of mouse/moss pigs.

Unfortunately, I did not get her to jump. I would have liked to see that.


And back she came to the cave with a scowl for the kids. Thereafter, there was play and fun with Mother before she again went hunting. I am very surprised at how much time she spends in the marsh hunting. We waited for several laps of 3 hours.

Is our national bird doing well?

There were several cute ducklings. And they were not angry at all? It is so special when you get these experiences as a photographer and even more nice, when there is just the opportunity for a reflection in the river, then I get a YES inside

Should we end this blog post with a little extra pictures of the foxes ????

I love the first picture SO much. The poor guy’s tongue is being pulled ???? It’s so nice to get some slightly different pictures captured sometimes ☀️

I hope you enjoyed watching the photos and video on YouTube. I have enjoyed experiencing, taking them and arranging it all ready for you here ????

A little info for the photographers. I have used my Canon 5D3 + my Canon 100-400cm both days. I had a few times with my Sigma 24-70mm, but not something that stayed for a long time ????

Good weekend ????

Bubbling greetings

Du er velkommen til at følge mig disse steder


(Only in danish)

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