In the wolf’s footsteps! Lecture with Thomas Boesdal

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Monday went to a Thomas Boesdal lecture about wolves in Denmark at the ‘Naturhistorisk Museum’ in Aarhus. The whole lecture was about a very serious topic – the wolf! And about how difficult the wolf has it in Denmark.

Thomas is the father of 4, a hunter, and his heart beats for nature! Since 2012, he has followed the wolf with the help of DNA samples, cameras, carcasses and tracks.

There were many biology studies present, and Thomas just had to kick a little lovingly at them in the beginning so they knew they could ask everything they wanted. After some time, the questions came continuously. And Thomas pushed questions out to them to – Nice to see that interaction.

He brought humour in, challenged the audience, provoked a little in a very nice way, and gave us an understanding of how there is room for all of us in Denmark. And how ignorance can ruin it for the wolf. He gave us a lot of facts from home and abroad.

Thomas explains it in a good way – and after more and more information, it makes sense. He says that much of the fear comes from people who do not have accurate facts. And he hears many statements and tells us some of them.

He often hears that there is no room for the Wolf in Denmark. But Thomas follows up and shows us facts about areas with cities, agriculture and facts set up abroad, with many more wolves per. sqm. He says there is room for both us and them. And also says to us, that it is still limited how many wolves we can have in Denmark. So we should not fear they will come and take it all over and eat all the game. For the wolf makes some demands on its territory. It must be of a specific size, and there must be red deer present. So Thomas explains to us where the possibilities for wolves to settle in Denmark. And we can all see that the wolves can not take over Denmark, as many fear.

He also often hears the phrase “The wolf scares all the deers away and eats it all.”

He says a runner, a person walking his dog or a cyclist might as well scare the deers. And on top of that, he shows pictures and video from their observations that the wolf has just marked itself, and 8 minutes later, the deer stands entirely still and sniffs at it without fear. And thus, a little question can be asked as to why the hunters are so interested in getting the wolf away..?!

Below is 2 videos you can see how the deer is not scared of the wolf, just marking. and Note that there are only 8 minutes in between.

Here you see the wolf peeing at 05.15

And here you see at. 05.23 a deer are sniffing quietly for it.

Source: and ‘Naturhistorisk museum Aarhus’

Another area that is very much up for debate is the wolves and the sheep. Because we hear a lot about they have attacked a farmer’s sheep in the area. But then Thomas wonders why they do not accept the wolf fence that they can get for free and then save their sheep from attacks. And I end he was saying “all the sheep that are killed get the farmers covered from the government” – then I sit and think. Then the farmer doesn’t care about the animals, because he just gets his money for every sheep getting killed. Sometimes there is too much economics and politics going into it. Why not just fence them incorrectly. Then we get rid of the scare campaigns that the wolf is dangerous. Thomas said that 400 had died in little Denmark. But abroad – both Germany and Sweden, where they have learned to get the fence up, and the wolf lives well in the population.

There is no doubt Thomas could have continued talking. It is as if he is inexhaustible for information about the wolf.

He ends up saying! Now be careful what you read. The media regularly blows up a story without having the correct facts. And it destroys a lot for the wolf. We must have created a sense of security among people and understand that we can all be here because there IS room for it and us. There is no doubt that Thomas is passionate about the wolf staying.

And he tells us that we can find so much more information on and once a quarter a wolf report is published.

He also says that if you see a large piece of shit between 30 and 60 cm that smells very ugly, then you should contact them, as it is this shit they collect part of the wolves’ DNA and thus can track where they are. They also have cameras up in the areas, to get videos of them.

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I went to bed with much more knowledge about wolf behaviour and facts. And I can highly recommend watching one of his lectures 🙂 Now I drive on. Yesterday it was me who was out lecturing. And I dream that one day the wolf will come past me and my camera 🙂 And maybe it will succeed on my next trip down through Eastern Europe.

Rolling greetings

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