Magical morning in Rebild Bakker

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Explore Denmark, Photograpy, Explore Denmark, Photograpy

Sometimes I change course! When the weather forecast says hoarfrost, then I have to act on it! Go with me with the camera.

I’m speechless when I landed in Rebild hills this morning. I’ve never been here before, but certainly not the last time. And I also think I ramped up well the first time. Hold up, and then it was beautiful. So unbelievably beautiful.

The trees were so beautiful with rhymes on. The fog that came, the sun that came and some animals that came but ran away ????

I chose to switch in a few hours today so that I could work later. So I love my ‘work and travel’ life. I have not for a second regretted that I had started freelance.

Well, but let me show you some mood pictures from today.

WOW, I’m just saying… The light was amazing for a short while before the sun went behind the fog/haze.

Mikkel, the fox, greeted me. We were both quite startled. And he was with a nice little miss if I heard calls afterwards. It was so nice, and I could feel I had disturbed them. But I wonder if they will find each other again if it was “meant to be” ????

But try to see how beautiful he is with the beautiful fur. I would love to have photographed him some more, but he slipped. ????

In addition, I met a little naughty muskrat, kestrel and a Sjagger ???? I also saw a couple of buzzards but did not really manage to get any shots of them. It had become too foggy ????

I got a lot of mood pictures, but when the fog came blaring violently, I chose to go back to Hugo with a big smile on his face ????

I also hope you enjoyed the beautiful winter day today. It’s so rare we have these days. So I’m so glad I prioritized it and had these wonderful experiences ????

Frost-ready and rolling greetings

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