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Ride the wave as they say, and I had the pleasure of photographing these surfers while enjoying the water?

I was sitting in Thyborøn recently and ate the delicious fish I had bought in the same town when I saw some surfers out on the waves. I felt instantly I just had to go out and try it.

So I grabbed my Canon 5D3 with my Canon 100-400mm and sat down there on the beach. It was fun but a short pleasure as they went up shortly after.

Then I knew that I had to go up to Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii) and continue my desire to try some more surf photography – from the beach.

Okay, ready… here comes surfer spam.

Click on the pictures to see them in large and get a better experience. 🙂

I had a wonderful day Friday in the fresh wind. Now the trip continues up in northern Jutland 🙂

Sometimes it’s about jumping into it. Like the time I got the idea to learn how to make star trails – you can read about that here

Greetings from

I ended up getting 1256 pictures and it was sort of hard. I was amazed at how many good ones there really were. But there were also some skilled surfers on the water 🙂

It was pretty cool what she was doing here. She went out on the tip of the board while the wave gave her a ride 😁🏄🏼‍♀️ ?

I wanted a plastic housing for my camera so I could get in the water with it 🙂 It could be fun to try one day. But probably mega hard when I do not know about the waves and their ‘move’.

Sunset and surfing silhouettes

I was up in the car to clear cards and sort some pictures when I just pulled the curtain off. The sun was going down 🙂 I can not remember; I had run so fast before because I WANTED that picture. I had the image in my head of how it should be. It ended up being almost as I imagined, so I’m a BIG smile 🙂 It was definitely worth the run… in clogs. 🙂

Remember to click on the images to see the big version. 

Jeg havde en skøn dag fredag i den friske vind. Nu forsætter turen op i det nord jyske 🙂

Nogle gange handler det om at springe ud i det. Ligesom den gang, hvor jeg fik ideen til at lære at lave star trails – Det kan du læse om her

Bumlende Hilsner

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