2020 – The year that rolled by

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Denmark, Update

2020 is gone .. 2021 is on! That’s a little weird. It really has been a different year – a roller coaster in many ways! But wauw a lot has actually happened when I’m just going through my year.

It turned out to be a year where I suppose to be more out of Denmark than in Denmark. One year I had to return home before time from Spain! A year where I have seen more of Denmark together in a few months than I have seen in several years. It has been positive. It’s a year where I found out we had elk og wild horses in Denmark!

It’s a year where I got some great new customers. 

It’s a year where I started giving speaks and it’s super cool, but unfortunately, also many speaks cancelled.

I participated in 3 podcasts: SolopreneurCastMillespeak’s podcast and Outdoor-Camping 

I wrote articles for Campingbladet throughout the year. I came in. Everything for the ladies / BT,  journalists called and got a follow-up on my life on the road. Fyens Stifttidende wrote 3 articles, which ended in the same newspaper.

It was also the year I had a Burglary attempt in Bumle, but that luckily that experience did not get stuck, and I can still roll around and spend the night freely without being scared.

It’s a year I started a collaboration with TJ Camper and moved into Hugo, my new home and office. I started it all by giving speaks a weekend and attending an open house in Hedensted. Here I met a lot of wonderful people. I look forward to the next 2 years with him and the TJ family.

This is the year I started mine Patreon Vanlife Lounge – that is an international membership site where you can support artists from around the world (writers, musicians, photographers, etc.). You pay a monthly amount and become a member of my Patreon Vanlife Lounge – there you get access to extra material that ONLY YOU can see as a member. Read more HERE

I got new hobbies. Among other things. A drone that I drowned after 16 minutes. And that led to me getting underwater gear.

I also got my eyes up to another level of sitting in a blind and enjoying nature up close. Nature offers so much peace – I know it’s very cliché. In 2021, I will find room for more of these “close to nature” experiences.

It has been a year of ups and downs. But I choose to focus on the positives and look at 2021 with opportunities for growth in many ways. Some I want to say goodbye to and other things I want to say hello to! New projects on the way!

I spent Christmas with my Dad at Agernæs harbor, where it was on a slightly alternative Christmas menu – but still with duck, potatoes and gravy! And we ended the day with a Christmas movie.

I hope you all got well into the new year! I spent the evening alone in Hugo by the bridge in Middelfart, saw Vikings, photographed Hugo when there was a short stay in the rain, edited and ate camper food – drove out into the woods in the middle of the evening and slept 10 lovely hours. Just like I wanted it. I have been behind with sleep for months. I have enjoyed my holiday relaxing, arranging practical stuff and being in nature.

I am grateful to all of you who follow and support me. I hope the best on your way. 2021 is underway! I feel it. I’m ready! 

Happy rolling New Year from here

– Top picture of Hugo I took yesterday and put some fireworks in Photoshop. It was raining and raining, so just got a few pictures of him for a short stay earlier in the evening, before I rolled into the woods.

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