An overview of my equipment and gear

You can read about my camera, underwater and camping equipment, as well as my outdoor clothing. In addition, I have a page with ‘Everything else’ for some things does not fit right in a booth. But as they say, you must never go down on gear, and I must have gotten that from my father! It is impressive what one can get in on 12 sqm.

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I love gear

And I love I’ve sold everything I do not need in 2019.

I regularly hear the question “How can you be a minimalist when you own such expensive things?”

For me, it’s not about quality or price when I think minimalism. For me, it’s about living with few things and having a simpler life. I live in a motorhome and have 12 sqm. If it’s not minimalism, then I do not know 😉 I would rather own a little, but then some really nice things.